Regression Testing in Agile Methodology

Regression testing is one of the types of software testing that is primarily performed to verify whether the new code impacts the existing functionality of the software or product. However, with the advancement of new-age technologies, automated regression testing tools help streamline the regression testing process. The use of automated tools enables the tester to easily and quickly find out the bugs and errors.

When Is Regression Testing Required?

Regression testing should be performed when there are significant changes to the original functionality of the software. Regression testing comes into the picture whenever new functionality is added and tested with the new functions. Retesting tests are considered appropriate in a variety of situations. This technique of testing should be carried out in situations such as:

  • When the product improvements are done
  • When little modifications are made in the configuration of the software
  • When the customization of code is done
  • When the integration takes place with other products

Importance of Regression Testing In Agile

  • Agile methodology is associated with iterative and fast processes, with short sprint cycles. To maintain the right balance between the development of sprints and cycles of iterative testing, the cycles of testing should be short.
  • Agile development is dynamic and fast, so developers must keep pace with frequent updates and modifications. However, it is also essential that deploying new features and testing go hand in hand.
  • In a true sense, development takes place on one feature, and essentially the testing is done on all old and new features that were developed earlier. It is a necessity and priority with every new update to use the automated regression testing tools to determine whether the improvement or new addition in the code has led to any changes in the existing functionality or not.
  • Automated regression testing has its significance, and this testing process ensures that the functionalities remain unaffected after every update. In order to ensure that the functionalities are in accordance with the predefined requirements, regression testing plays a crucial role in the product’s success.
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Advantages of Automated Regression Testing in Agile

As the methodology of agile is prominent in the field of software development, continuous testing becomes crucial in order to determine the flexibility and effectiveness of the concerned product or software. However, the automated regression testing tools streamline the process of continuous testing by providing the following advantages, which are as follows:-

  • It helps create a product as the testing is performed through automated tools, and that too in sprints in the agile environment
  • It helps identify any issues with functionalities in the early phase of the development life cycle and enables the quicker resolution of the defects
  • The automated regression testing in the agile process helps minimize the rework and frees up the testers to be focused on other important activities
  • Effective automated regression testing tools help the agile teams improve the overall quality of the product along with the user experience
  • For successful regression testing in agile, the QA teams also need to follow the right practices for regression testing
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Best Practices to Follow While Regression Testing in Agile

We would discuss with you more on the Best Practices to Follow While Regression Testing in Agile as part of our useful guide on Regression Testing in Agile Methodology.

An Effective Strategy for the Regression Test

Defining an effective regression testing strategy is of utmost importance in the agile process. In order to make an effective regression testing strategy, gathering, identifying, and estimating suitable test cases is necessary. After that, outlining which automated regression testing tools are to be followed helps ensure the desired results.

Performing the Smoke and Sanity Tests

It is crucial to conduct the smoke and sanity tests before taking on the regression testing process because it is less time-consuming. The smoke testing help knows about the initial workflows, like startup and login pages. The sanity test is used to check the basic functionality of an application. These two can be used in the primary stages or before actually carrying out the regression testing, as they help categorize the application as flawed or working fine.

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Support Test Automation

To save time and effort for the tester, it is best to adopt automated regression testing tools. The process of automation makes the process of testing much more efficient. Moreover, automation frees up resources, which helps reduce repetitive tasks.

Manage the Regression Packs Regularly

The regression pack refers to the group of test cases to be executed with every modification in the software. The regression packs comprise the test cases already written and drafted according to the SRS document.

Adoption of Complete Regression Testing

Comprehensive regression testing is required so that all the critical conditions can be covered. This sort of final regression testing enables the final validation of the code after the changes are made.

Conduct Continuous Testing

To ensure quality software in agile methodologies, continuous testing plays a significant role. Moreover, regression testing in agile and DevOps practices needs continuous testing with automated regression testing tools.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring effective regression testing in agile plays an important role in successfully delivering quality products. Opkey provides an AI-powered test automation platform that helps customers carry out regression testing with reduced costs and effort.

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