How To Register Your Business Online In Ghana 2021

By | May 3, 2021

Registering a business under the Registrar General Department can a stressful work for anyone – but thanks to the application of the internet by making it easier for us to sit from the comfort of our room to register our business online in Ghana with simple to follow steps.

If you live and work in Ghana and would love to register your business as a legal entity, the best place to go is Registrar General Department in Ghana. The organization body in charge of business and any legal entity document registration in the country.

Today, the Registrar General Department of Ghana has initiated an online registration of businesses, issuance of business certificates to start business in Ghana and registration of marriages.

There was a launch of an automated and online portal of the Registrar General’s Department by Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. Dr. Bawumia then said the e-Certificate and e-Payment system would facilitate the online registration of businesses and prevent the long delays that are associated with business registration.

Dr. Bawumia at the launch of the e-Registration System at the Banquet Hall, State House in Accra, urged the Management and Staff of the Department to adopt innovative approaches, in order to maximize revenue for the government and ensure proper customer satisfaction.

Now, I would like to take you through the simple steps here to know more about how to register your business online in Ghana.

How To Register Your Business Online in Ghana

At the portal for Registrar General Department, individuals can submit online requests for Business/Company Registration.

Follow this guide below to register your business online in Ghana.

  1. Search for the business name you want to use via Name Search
  2. Sign up and login to the Registrar General Department Portal, to open the online application form
  3. Fill the application form with your valid Identity card, a TIN Number and details of the business you wish to register.
  4. Now, you should go to any nearby office and make a payment of GHS 60 after filling the form.
  5. The Registrar General Department will process your application and make your business certificate ready for you within 14 to 28 working days.

Despite registering for a business online via the Registrar General’s Department portal, you can also do a lot of services there such as;
• Name Reservation
• Name Reservation Extension
• Entity Registration
• Entity Registration With Old TIN
• Entity Registration With TIN
• Commence Business
• Change in Particulars

There can be a lot you would love to do on the platform and you just have to navigate through the platform and make selection for your preference.

Do you wish to change your name, Do you want to make changes for your date of birth in Ghana, Are you married and want to use your husband’s name? Kindly reach out:

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