Common Recruitment Scams To Avoid In Ghana

Recruitment scams are on the rise and its time to know some of the common recruitment scams to avoid In Ghana.

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I know you it was not your fault to be scammed the first time though, but it should not be over and over again — since this article approaches you on some of the things you need to know that you’re being faced with scam.

Common Recruitment Scams

There can be varieties of employment scams in Ghana, but some of the commonly used in the Ghanaian society are the; fake advertised job and the job application scams.

Fake Advertised job

This is one of the scam methods on our list, using to target the unemployed personalities by advertising supposed job openings in reputable organizations. You will then be asked to pay for the application form before applying for the job. You can be told that the job application form is free but you will have to pay for tests.

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This should tell you that this is one of the scam recruitment methods. Be cautious and take your time to verify well.

Job application scams

Just like the fake advertised job scamming people, the job application scams also come with an advanced way, of which you will be contacted because of jobs you previously applied for. I believe you may be shocked, right?

Job application scammers try to find all your details and get in touch with you. They approach you with some nice gesture message like: “Mr. Jasper, you applied for a position at Abingo Ent last week.”

After finding out that you are not employed yet, they may now convince you with new job opening at other firm they think you will be comfortable with.

You will now pay for this special favour to continue with your job application.

Try and be smart to avoid being a victim to these scams to stay safe.

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How to avoid recruitment scam

To avoid being a victim of recruitment scams, you should always know the type of corporation or firm you are dealing with, and not paying for any additional money.

Though some institutions that are owned by the state require that you buy application forms and pay for other bills. One of these is the security agency that recruits people when they buy registration form and pay for their own medical bills.

Websites and social media accounts are the fastest mediums used to scam people with fake adverts and job applications. Always take your time to cross check, verify websites and social media accounts of these recruitment scams to avoid the trap of being scammed.

Understand the nature of their firm and ask several questions to get better understanding that will help you conduct research on the corporation or firm.

COVID-19 is real so stay safe and practice social distancing.

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