How Re-Register Your Vodafone SIM Card Online Without Visiting The Office 2022

In our previous post published, we drafted about how Vodafone users can do the biometric SIM registration to avoid loosing their numbers.

Today’s post shall guide you on how to re-register your Vodafone SIM Card online in Ghana without visiting the office.

Many SIM card users hate to go to registration centres and SIM Card registration offices just because they want to register for their SIM cards.

In this article guide, we shall serve you with all the complete guide on how to register your Vodafone SIM Card online in Ghana for 2022.

Vodafone SIM Card Online Registration Requirements

  • Get your Vodafone SIM Card
  • National Identification Authority (NIA) Card — Ghana Card
  • Provide answers to few security questions about your Vodafone SIM Card
  • Be the owner of the Vodafone SIM Card
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Ensure to buy your Vodafone SIM Card to make you the owner, get your NIA Card (Ghana Card) ready and get ready to answer few questions Vodafone Ghana shall ask you online.

Now, it’s time to get to the complete steps on how you can register for your Vodafone SIM Card online in Ghana at ease.

Logon to Vodafone Ghana Website

To get your Vodafone SIM Card re-registered successfully, you should kindly logon to the official Vodafone website here; Vodafone Sim Registration Portal and scroll to the registration option

Enter your Vodafone number

You should check your Vodafone number with the complete steps on how to check your Vodafone SIM number and provide this online.

Provide Answers To The Security Questions

You would have to provide the necessary answers to the security questions you would be asked by Vodafone Ghana.

Fill The Registration Form Online

After providing the answers to the questions asked, you should now proceed to fill the registration form (do well to follow the instructions).

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Confirm The One-Time-PIN (OTP)

After filling the registration form online for the Vodafone Ghana registration, Vodafone will send you a One-Time-Pin (OTP), and you would have to use the PIN to fill the option given and conform the One-Time-Pin (OTP).

Complete the SIM registration

Now, you would need to complete the SIM re-registration online.

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