Ghana Police Service Emergency Contact Numbers 2021

The Ghana Police Service Emergency Numbers for citizens across the country — is there to serve and help individuals to be able to get in touch with the Ghana Police Service to report any violent act or case via mobile.

For all emergencies in Ghana, you can give a call to 112. Kindly keep this notice that, the police emergency numbers 191 and 18555 are still working in Ghana.

There are emergency numbers for each and every country, and these emergency numbers are much important for every citizen to know.

In our today’s article, I would like us to take a look at the Police Service Emergency Contact Numbers In Ghana for the year 2021.

What Is An Emergency Number?

An emergency number is easy to remember and easy to dial numbers, usually three digits numbers assigned to local emergency services such as police service, fire service, ambulance service, etc.

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In Ghana, we have a general emergency number for all the emergency services in the country, which is 112. This number can be used to call the police service, fire service, or ambulance.

However, each emergency service has its number to call specifically.

Police Emergency Number in Ghana

The Ghana Police Service emergency numbers are 112, 191 or 18555.

Ghana Police Service is a security agency responsible for preventing and detecting crime, apprehension and prosecution of offenders, maintenance of law and order, and protection of life and property.

When To Call Ghana Police Emergency Number?

The emergency number of the Ghana Police Service can be called during a crime scene like robbery, kidnapping, suspicious activities, and illegal activities requiring quick attention. 

Never joke with an emergency number which is a crime in the country.

Regional Police Headquarters Call lines

1. Ashanti Region

  • Information Room – 0322 022 323
  • Regional CID Office – 0322 025 441
  • Striking Force – 0322 022 827

2. Brong Ahafo Region

  • Sunyani Regional Headquarters – 0352 202 7083

3. Greater Accra Region

  • Deputy Commissioner, Accra – 0302 662 441
  • Crime Office, Accra – 0302 663 563
  • Central CID, Accra – 0302 666 506
  • Anti-Armed Robbery, Accra – 0302 234 463
  • Airport Police Station – 0302 777 592
  • Tema Regional Commander – 0303 202 259
  • Tema Information Room – 0303 202 259
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4. Northern Region

  • Tamale Regional Headquarters – 0372 022 889
  • Information Room – 0372 022 297

Western Region

  • Regional Commander – 03120 461 21
  • Harbor Police Station – 03120 220 49


Always make sure to give an accurate location address whenever you call the Ghana Police via their emergency phone numbers or WhatsApp line and remember prank calls are offence and can be lead to severe punishment.

Ghana Police Emergency number Accra

These are the Ghana Police Emergency numbers in Accra: Deputy Commissioner – 0302 662 441, Crime Office – 0302 663 563, Central CID – 0302 666 506, Anti-Armed Robbery – 0302 234 463, Airport Police Station – 0302 777 592, Tema Regional Commander – 0303 202 259, Tema Information Room – 0303 202 259.

112 emergency number Ghana

The Ghana Police Service emergency numbers are 112, 191 or 18555.

Ghana Police emergency number Kumasi

Information Room – 0322 022 323

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Police emergency line

The Ghana Police Service emergency numbers are 112, 191 or 18555.

Ghana Police WhatsApp number

The Ghana Police Service has announced a WhatsApp number for people to report any form of election related violence. The mobile phone number 0206639121, will be available for persons to send videos, audios and photographs of any disturbance in Ghana. This is the Ghana Police WhatsApp Number to chat via mobile phone.

Ghana Police contact

The Ghana Police Service emergency numbers are 112, 191 or 18555.

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