New Wordle Jr Unlimited Game For Children

By | November 16, 2023

Do you want a Wordle Jr Unlimited game for your child? Look no further, there are many junior wordle games and this is the best of them.

Wordle games are not mere games. You not only have fun playing them but you also get to learn new things playing. New words are the major things you learn if you are playing wordle games and that will help you as an adult and your kid as well.

I have written about so many wordle games that are basically targeted at adults. The goal of this new article is to help the little ones get something to play with as well. There are some other games I wrote about which are adult wordle games but kids can play as well. One of those games is the Weaver Wordle Unlimited.

Stay with us and let me show you more about the New Wordle Jr Unlimited Game For Children first published by ICT Catalogue.

Wordle Jr Unlimited for children

This particular game has been designed with children in mind. It is in a way that the words that you have to guess are just random daily words. These words are not as hard as the ones you have to guess in other wordle games.

Let us look at how to play the game.

How to play

  • To play the game, you have to visit The game is strictly online so you must have an internet connection to be able to play. You can also access this game from mobile devices.
  • As soon as the site loads, you should see a screen similar to the one in the screenshot below.
New Wordle Jr Unlimited Game For Children
  • Enter a random four-letter word to start playing.

The goal of this game is to guess the word of the day and it is a four-letter word. You have only seven attempts to guess the word correctly. If you could not guess after seven tries, it will be game over.

In the game, there are some colors that are there to guide you to guess the right word.

Green on a letter means the particular letter is in the mystery word you are guessing and is in the right position.

This means the letter you just guess is in the mystery word you are guessing. However, it is not in the right position so you just have to switch its positions to make it turn green.

Dark grey
This also means the particular letter is not in the mystery word you are guessing. You don’t have to guess any word that has that letter in it in this case.

Sneak a Peek

Sneak a Peek is a feature in the Wordle Jr Unlimited game that makes it children-friendly. This feature helps you to quickly take a look at a letter in the mystery word. However, this feature is not always available throughout the game.

The Sneak-a-Peek feature is only available for a maximum of two times throughout the game. Sometimes, you might not see the feature at all, and other times, you might see it only once.

This is to help even a child gather clues to help them guess the right words. By getting at least two letters out, they can easily guess the other two by themselves. That is the clever way this game’s algorithm was developed to help children learn new words.

Circled letter
If you see a circled letter after completing your word, it means that the particular letter was revealed using the Sneak-a-Peek feature. Note that even if the Sneak-a-Peek reveals a letter, you will have to guess a word that has that letter in it before you can get it correct.

The Sneak-a-Peek tool is limited so you should use it wisely.

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