Networking Companies in Ghana

By | November 1, 2022

Businesspeople and entrepreneurs engage in networking, a socioeconomic activity, to build business contacts, identify, develop, or take advantage of business possibilities, share information, and look for new partners for enterprises.

Managing, maintaining, and using the network infrastructure, software, and policies are all included in computer networking, in addition to designing, building, and using the network.

However, data sharing, resource sharing, hardware, software, and other activities are done by computer networking companies.

In Ghana, there are many networking companies that are doing absolutely well in networking firms. However, this article will help show some of the networking companies in Ghana. Before we show some of the networking companies in Ghana, let’s throw more light on networking.

What Do Computers Network Do?

  • Provide data security

Access control and encryption are built-in security features in all networking technologies. To increase network security, third-party programs like firewalls, antimalware, and antivirus software can be incorporated.

  • Integrate on a large scale

Computer networks that are physically separated are connected by modern networking services. Through automation and monitoring, these services may enhance network operations and build a single, expansive, high-performance network. Depending on demand, network services can be scaled up or down.

  • Operate virtually

To establish numerous “overlay” networks, the underlying physical network infrastructure may be conceptually divided. Data may be delivered between nodes in an overlay computer network through a number of different physical channels since the nodes are virtually connected.

  • Respond quickly to changing conditions

Software defines a large number of computer networks. Using a digital interface, traffic may be routed and managed centrally. Virtual traffic control is supported by these computer networks.

Computer Networking Companies in Ghana

Below are some of the computer networking companies in Ghana.

Logiciel Ghana

Location: Coco Vanilla, East Legon, Trassaco Road, Ghana

Contact Information: 0302763927

Zentech IT Solution Limited

Location: Tsuianna Plaza, No 7 Oshimpa Lake Accra, North Kaneshie

Contact Information: Email: [email protected] or phone number: 0302268650 / 0302985013

eSack-Easy Technologies

Location: Awudome Estates

Contact Information: 054 899 6607

Rancard Solution

Location: No. 37 3rd Crescent Asylum Down Accra

Contact Information: Email: [email protected] or phone number: 0302 782 669

Quitech IT Supports Ghana Ltd

Location: Nii Koo Loop 20

Contact Information: 055 570 2150

ComSys Ghana Limited

Location: 5th Cres, Accra

Contact Information: 057 761 9000

Akef Technologies

Location: 2nd Street Justice A.

Contact Information: 050 322 5669

AGRS Netsys

Location: Mar Business RD, Dansoman Grammer

Contact Information: 020 917 0023

BOSS International Network Ghana

Location: No. 4 Sir Arku Korsah Road, Airpot, Residential Area, Accra

Contact Information: 020 648 8609


Location: East Legon Ho, 5, Accra

Contact Information: 054 754 7258

Telcom Network Solutions System

Location: Accra

Contact Information: 024 452 8996

BigHead Technologies Gh

Location: Accra Metropolis Adafi Street, N1 George W Bush Hwy, Race Course Lane, Box Ab 397, Abeka Accra Accra, Lapaz

Contact Information: 024 127 1415

What are the Types of Computer Networking?

For computer networking, we have two main types: wired networking and wireless networking.

  • Wired computer networking

In wired networking, data must be transferred between nodes through physical media. Due to its low cost and dependability, copper-based Ethernet cable is frequently utilized in households and companies for digital communications. As an alternative, optical fiber is utilized to move data farther and quicker, but it comes with a number of drawbacks, such as higher prices and more delicate parts.

  • Wireless computer networking

Without the need for cables, devices can connect to a network via wireless networking, which uses radio waves to transmit data over the air. The most popular and commonly used type of wireless networking is wireless LANs. Among the substitutes are Bluetooth, cellphones, satellites, microwaves, and more.

What are the Types of Enterprise Computer Networks?

There are three common types of enterprise private networks. However, below are the three common types:

Local area network (LAN)

A limited-in-size and-geography network of systems is known as a LAN. Computers and other equipment are often connected within a single office or structure. Small businesses utilize it or use it as a test network for prototypes that are being made on a smaller scale.

Wide area networks (WAN)

A wide area network (WAN) is a business network that spans many buildings, cities, and even nations. WANs are designed for secure, dependable long-distance connectivity whereas local area networks are utilized to transport data at quicker rates when nearby.

Software-defined WAN, often known as SD-WAN, is a virtual WAN architecture that is managed by software. Without compromising on security and service quality, an SD-WAN delivers more adaptable and reliable connection services that can be managed at the application level.

Service provider networks

Networks operated by service providers let users rent the provider’s network space and capability. In terms of network service providers, there are telecommunications firms, data carriers, wireless communication businesses, Internet service providers, and cable television providers that offer high-speed Internet access.

What are the Types of Computer Network Architecture?

There are two types of computer network architecture. Below are the two types;

  • Client-server architecture

Nodes in this kind of computer network might be either servers or clients. Client nodes receive resources from server nodes, such as data, processing power, or memory. The behavior of client nodes may also be controlled by server nodes.

Although clients can communicate with one another, they cannot exchange resources. For instance, some computers in business networks store data and set up preferences. The servers in the network are represented by these devices. By sending a request to the server computer, clients may access this data.

  • Peer-2-peer architecture

Connected computers share the same privileges and powers in a peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture. For coordination, there isn’t a single server. Both clients and servers can operate on any computer network device.

Depending on the peer, the entire computer network may access parts of its resources, such as memory and computing power. To host memory-intensive programs across several digital devices, such as 3-D graphic rendering, some businesses, for instance, employ P2P architecture.


There are many networking companies in Ghana. However, we have listed some the best networking companies in Ghana in this article.

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