Nasco TV Prices And Where To Buy In Ghana 2022

The Nasco TV Prices with their different sizes and where to buy any of them in Ghana.

Searching for a television that comes with an excellent sound and picture quality. A TV product that is suitable for both listen to music and watching videos.

The Nasco TV Prices with their different sizes and where to buy any of them in Ghana. Searching for a television that comes with an excellent sound and picture quality. A TV product that is suitable for both listen to music and watching videos.

The Nasco TV prices in Ghana has all you may need to know about for a budget-friendly with interesting specs and features.

Today, here is our complete guide we would like to inform you about Nasco TV Prices And Where To Buy In Ghana 2022.

Is Nasco TV Recommended?

Yes, Nasco TV is good and recommended for everyone that wants to purchase a new TV at home Nasco televisions are versatile in such that they have quality graphics to display any high resolution-sized pictures and ideal for gaming and streaming.

Despite the recommendation, Nasco TVs come with better HDR performance, and superior processing power.

Is Nasco TV A Smart TV?

Now, I would like to disclose to you more on the Nasco TV prices in Ghana with their latest models.

Nasco TV Models And Prices In Ghana

These are the list of Nasco TV Models with their specs and prices you could purchase as an electronic consumer. Depending on your budget, you could possibly get a desired Nasco Television in Ghana at an affordable price.

Check below for the Nasco TV models and prices in Ghana for 2022.

Nasco NAS-H32FS Price in Ghana

The Nasco NAS-H32FS is a 32-inch LED Smart TV that has quality graphical features with HD-quality.

  • Stunning picture quality
  • Excellent Smart TV features
  • Ultra-thin design
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The Nasco NAS-H32FS is running on Android OS, of which you are able to install any application from Google Play Store with an internet connected. The Nasco NAS-H32FS comes with a powerful processor and you are allowed to connect HDMI and USB efficiently.

The Nasco NAS-H32FS price in Ghana is selling for GHS 1,250 and can be purchased from any electronic shop across Ghana.

Nasco NAS-T43FB

The Nasco NAS-T43FB is yet another product from the electronic company. This is a 43-inch LED Digital Satellite TV you can buy at an affordable price in Ghana.

With a resolution from the Nasco NAS-T43FB, you enjoy from the premium picture quality at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 – that helps in streaming and gaming on your television. Just like the Nasco NAS-H32FS, the Nasco NAS-T43FB can access numerous channels without a decoder.

Under the features of the NASCO NAS-T43FB, you can find;

  • HDMI connectivity
  • USB Type-2
  • Integrated modeling for a broader vision

The Nasco NAS-T43FB is selling at a price of GHS 1,381 in Ghana.

Nasco NAS-H50FB

The Nasco NAS-H50FB is your next to choose TV product to select from Nasco Ghana. This is a 50-inch digital satellite TV that you can use for numerous purposes at home. Thinking of a higher resolution for everything, you can enjoy from the direct-lit LED for excellent picture quality.

Some of the features to see from the Nasco NAS-H50FB are given below;

  • USB 2.0
  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • AV
  • Wi-Fi

The price of the Nasco NAS-H50FB is selling for GHS 1,670 in Ghana. You can make purchase from any Nasco shop at Accra Mall or any electronic shop across the nation.

Now, let us take a look into other Nasco TVs and their prices in Ghana more.

Nasco NAS-55Q9

The Nasco NAS-55Q9 is a 55-inch curved Smart LED TV which can be used for any purpose. A Smart TV that comes with a UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160p and you can view from a distance of four (4) meters afar. The Nasco NAS-55Q9 allows you to install applications, play your favourite video games and browse the web with a Wi-Fi connection.

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You can check some of the features of the Nasco NAS-55Q9 Smart TV below;

  • UHD Up-scaling
  • HDMI, Ethernet, Wireless, and USB connectivity
  • Film mode

The Nasco NAS-55Q9 price in Ghana is selling at GHS 2,949. You can purchase the device from any Nasco accredited dealer or electronic shops across Ghana.

Nasco NAS-L60FU

This is another product from the brand, Nasco. Nasco Ghana has an ultimate TV for the best of gaming, surfing the web for your video-graphic contents, streaming your favourite programs and more.

The Nasco NAS-L60FU comes with a 60-inch Smart TV, and a resolution of 3840 x 2160p – having Integrated Modeling technology in making it look thin and light to users. Some of the features you can find from the Nasco NAS-L60FU Smart TV is given below;

  • UHD Up-scaling
  • HDMI, USB, Wireless, and Ethernet connectivity
  • Film Mode

The Nasco NAS-L60FU is selling at price of GHS 3,371 in Ghana. You can buy the electronic device from any electronic shop available in Ghana.

Nasco NAS-65F7B

The Nasco NAS-65F7B is a 65-inch curved Smart TV for best viewing experience on your television.

Whenever you are thinking of buying a 4K TV, the Nasco NAS-65F7B Smart TV is the best to go for, with an ultra-fast and powerful processor.

Under some of the features of the Nasco NAS-65F7B, you can find;

  • USB, HDMI, Built-in Wi-Fi, VGA Port connectivity
  • Android 4.4
  • MP3 Audio
  • DVB S2 Terrestrial

The Nasco NAS-65F7B is selling at a price of GHS 5,719 in Ghana, and you can buy from any electronic shop across the country.

Where To Buy Nasco TV In Ghana

As an electronic consumer, you should know various places you can make purchase for your electronic products and we are yet to talk about the Nasvo TV with the shops you can make purchases from.

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  • Located in: Sikkim Manipal University Ghana
  • Address: HQCV+WHP, Ring Road Central, Accra·
  • Phone: 020 530 5716

Jumia Ghana

You can purchase any Nasco TV model from Jumia Ghana via the website,

Jiji Ghana

For any Nasco TV model at an affordable price, you can easily check Jiji Ghana and check the specifications.

Melcom Ghana

If you are looking to buy any Nasco TV model from Melcom Ghana, you can first of all check their official web portal at: Melcom Online

Accra Mall

The Accra Mall is a shopping centre in Accra, Ghana, located on the Spintex road adjacent to the Tema Motorway. You can visit the electronic section of the mall and make a choice for any Nasvo TV you want based on your budget.

  • Address: Plot C11 Tetteh Quarshie Interchange, Spintex Rd, Accra
  • Phone: 030 282 3039
  • Website:

West Hills Mall

The West Hills Mall is a shopping centre located at Dukonah, near Weija along the Accra – Cape Coast Highway in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

You can check the official website of West Hills Mall at: West Hills Mall

These are the various places where you can make purchase of any Nasco TV model with their prices in Ghana.

Thanks for reading everything about Nasco TV prices in Ghana for 2022.

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