MTN Ghana Launches eSIM With 10GB Data After Activation

MTN Ghana has listened to the concern of its customers and has finally introduced the eSim initiative in Ghana.

Customers of MTN, comprising prepaid, postpaid, and business subscribers, can now use the eSIM. The MyMTN App provides digital access to the eSIM features. Customers whose phone numbers are already registered with MTN will have them switched to eSIM.

The introduction of the new eSIM standard has made it simpler to change carriers or add a second line to an existing phone.

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Although you don’t require a physical SIM card to use the e-SIM, it functions in the same manner as a standard SIM card. The “eSIM profile” of a new operator must be installed in order to activate it because it is already pre-installed in the device.

A 10GB, one-time, non-expiring data bundle will be provided with every subsequent eSIM activation.

In keeping with MTN’s mission “to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to its clients,” the introduction of eSIM will help the company achieve its Ambition 2025 goals.

Noel Kojo-Ganson, the Chief Commercial Officer of MTN Ghana, commented on the launch of the eSIM service and said that it confirms MTN’s dedication to pioneering digital solutions for Africa’s advancement and offering our cherished clients with the advantages of a contemporary connected life.

In his words: “As a brand, we continue to show that enhancing customer experience, leveraging digitization and remain our priority. The introduction of eSIM further cements our commitment to offering more value-added solutions to our existing as well as potential customers.

The introduction of eSIM is in line with MTN’s vision ‘to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to its customers’ and fulfil its Ambition 2025 objectives. The eSIM will allow customers to access multiple devices with eSIM compatibility and enhance customer experience. It offers subscriptions to millions of new devices without the existing SIM card logistics. It is also to enhance the customer experience with immediate connectivity for their new device.”

MTN Nigeria piloted its eSIM solution in that country’s market in 2020. In 2022, Ghanaian consumers will have access to the same product.

How To Sign Up For E-Sim

Customers can call to verify a device’s eSIM compatibility by dialing *#06# and the barcodes will display EID numbers confirming the device is compatible. If no EID is displayed, it implies the device is not eSIM compatible.

Customers can also sign up via the below channels

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