Mobile Money Lending Apps in Ghana

Mobile Money Lending Apps in Ghana – In Ghana, there are quite a few apps that you can use to borrow some cash to sort out some pressing needs.


The apps are scattered on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, however, you might have little or no idea about them.


Well, in this article, we will be taking a look at some of these apps so if you are looking forward to finding and downloading a mobile money lending app, then this article is the right article for you.


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Mobile Money Lending Apps in Ghana


Some of the top mobile money lending apps in Ghana are;


Fido App – Because the Fido Loan App can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store, you must have an Android phone to install it. To get the loan, you’ll need to find an Android phone if you don’t already have one.

If you have a stable internet connection, downloading and installing the FIDO Money Lending app on your phone takes only a few minutes.

Because the software is only available through the Google Play Store, as previously stated, people who do not own Android devices cannot download it.


Zidisha App – You can borrow up to GHC 4,153,730 using the Zidisha loan app without providing any security. It is worth noting that Zidisha loans do not charge interest; however, a service fee of 5% of the loan amount is still required.

Furthermore, if a new member does not already have an invitation from an existing Zidisha member, they frequently pay a GHC 3,000 one-time membership fee.


SikaPurse App – SkiaPurse has been in the Ghanaian financial market for quite some time. The loan application allows lenders to lend up to GHC 5,000. New borrowers can borrow up to GHC 1,000. The interest rates on the loans ranged from 8% to 25% per year. Before you can use the app to apply for a loan, you must first install it on your phone. You can try it out on the Google Play Store because it is available there.


Bloomkash App – Using the Bloomkash lending app, you can borrow up to GHC 1,000 without providing any security. Individuals just starting out can borrow up to GHC 65. Furthermore, the company offers daily interest rates ranging from 0.1% to 1%.


OZE SME App – The OZE SME offers competitive interest rates to business owners looking to finance their businesses. The organization works with other fintech firms to provide loans to business owners. Their interest rate can be as low as 3% at times.





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