Microfinance Software Price In Ghana

By | May 3, 2022

Microfinance is a sort of banking service that provides financial services to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups that would otherwise be unable to obtain them.

Microfinance enables people to take out acceptable small business loans safely and in accordance with ethical lending principles. While the majority of microfinance firms provide lending, some also provide financial and business education. The ultimate purpose of microfinance is to enable underprivileged individuals to become self-sufficient. iIn this post we are looking at Microfinance software price In Ghana.

Currently, there are three broad types of microfinance institutions operating in Ghana. These include:
· Formal suppliers of microfinance (i.e. rural and community banks, savings and loans companies, commercial banks)
· Semi-formal suppliers of microfinance (i.e. credit unions, financial nongovernmental organizations (FNGOs), and cooperatives;

-Informal suppliers of microfinance (e.g. susu collectors and clubs, rotating and accumulating savings and credit associations (ROSCAs and ASCAs), traders, moneylenders and other individuals).

Benefits of microfinance


Microfinance’s improved accessibility may help business owners and entrepreneurs in regions or circumstances where traditional financial products are unavailable. These services are occasionally available online or by smartphone, which might be helpful for persons who don’t have access to a physical bank.


Financial education programming is required by certain microfinance programs as part of their lending requirements. This can be advantageous for product consumers who may be able to improve their financial development by utilising the information given

Economic growth

In some cases, financial possibilities may be linked to economic growth. Microcredit-funded businesses, for example, may help to develop local jobs, improve commerce, and support a healthy economy. These advantages may encourage other members of the community to start their own businesses.

Microfinance Software Price In Ghana

The price of the microfinance software often depends on how the software is intended to be used, In the small-scale microfinance, the p[price can start from GHS 1,000.00 and the large scale starts from GHS 5,000 TO GHS 20,000.00

Where To buy Microfinance Software In Ghana

The software companies in Ghana do create customized software for the microfinance companies but there are other general; places you can buy software from. They are



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