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Mend The Marriage Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Mend The Marriage.

Online courses like Mend The Marriage are desperately needed because more than half of marriages end in divorce. Trust and marital bliss can be eroded by intimacy problems, adultery, and a lack of communication.

If these persistent problems are not addressed properly, they may result in sadness, depression, and even abuse. In these turbulent times, many couples are looking for a life raft, and Brad Browning’s thorough manual just might be it. A friend suggested this top-rated program to me because my marriage was having a difficult time.

I’ve read Mend The Marriage cover to cover, and now I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. I’ll explain what is good about Men The Marriage, what I didn’t like, and how it specifically benefited my marriage in this in-depth review.

Let’s get going.

Mend The Marriage: What Is It?

Distance, poor communication, and sexual problems are just a few things that can slowly ruin a marriage. These issues can transform into infidelity and disconnection if not addressed properly. An online course called Mend The Marriage was created especially for couples who are stuck and looking for solutions.

The complete program includes A 200+ page eBook, a 4-hour audio program, a 7-part video series, and worksheets to help couples who are having marital problems


Relationship expert and divorce specialist Brad Browning offer helpful advice for couples in these materials.

He helps them rekindle their passion and rediscover one another. Working on oneself and one’s relationships are equally important in his most popular course, according to Browning. This online course is an effective tool that might prevent a contentious divorce.

Brad Browning: Who is he? Brad Browning is a relationship expert and relationship coach from Vancouver who has been assisting couples in saving their marriages for more than ten years.

The Ex-Factor and Mend The Marriage, two of Browning’s best-selling relationship programs, are written by her. He helps couples all over the world by imparting his vast experience in his books and articles.

His articles frequently appear in Your Tango,, and many other magazines. Brad Browning also serves as the host of a well-liked YouTube program where he counsels his devoted audience on dating and relationships. I chose to review Mend The Marriage for what reason? Through a friend, I learned about Mend The Marriage.

She insisted that I try it because she couldn’t stop gushing about it. She and her husband received so much assistance from the program that they even decided to renew their vows. Following her dependable reviews of the digital program, I became intrigued by the Mend The Marriage journey.

Mend The Marriage tells couples home truths, many of which you may not want to hear, so at times it was difficult.

I didn’t want to hear them, for sure! You will, however, emerge from the program a better person and, hopefully, a better partner if you persevere and see it through to the end. I have flaws because I’m a human.

And I must admit that it’s challenging for me to accept responsibility without always blaming my partner. It’s about learning to have a range of perspectives and giving up on always being right. I believe that having completed Brad Browning’s program has improved not only my marriage but also my quality of life.

Any little thing my partner does no longer makes me angry. I’m now putting more of an emphasis on self-improvement because of Browning’s advice. I exercise five days a week, practice meditation, and eat whole foods.

I am a much better wife to my husband because I am mentally and physically in such good shape. I provide him with both emotional and sexual support. In a nutshell, this relationship-stuff between my husband and I is really working! I’m glad I had the opportunity to put Brad Browning’s insightful relationship advice into action.

At first, it was challenging, and there were times when I wanted to give up. Fortunately, though, I persisted and crossed the finish line. But I’m not the only one pleased that I finished Mend. The Wedding has my husband overjoyed. He is no longer the object of my rage or agitation. Our days are peaceful.

What is Mend The Marriage about?

Mend The Marriage was developed by Brad. It’s a guide for both men and women navigating unions that don’t work. The online course discusses topics like intimacy, sex, anger, jealousy, and more.

It teaches couples how to overcome these signs, which are frequently brought on by a stale relationship. The course’s foundational “ABCD method” teaches couples how to move through resentment and painful memories in four stages.

Another crucial component of the course is learning how to forgive, and Browning devotes a lot of attention to it in order to support a couple’s healing.

An overview of the “ABCD method,” the framework for the Mend The Marriage program, can be found below:

Accept the situation As straightforward and self-explanatory as this stage may seem, you’d be surprised at how many people are hiding their relationships. Browning teaches couples that the first step toward moving forward is always acceptance.

This entails letting go of responsibility for the relationship’s demise and accepting blame for your own part in it. It entails taking care of yourself so that you can communicate with your partner at your best (or former partner).

Develop resiliency In this phase, Browning discusses leading a healthy lifestyle, adopting a positive outlook, and forgiving yourself. This entails getting sufficient rest, eating healthfully, and exercising. You will have little chance of being able to “look after” your relationship if you are unable to take care of yourself. When a relationship fails, people frequently go on angry, emotional rampages, which is the worst thing they can do.

Browning advises couples to take a step back, take a deep breath, and choose wisely. Decide to change. The focus of this program segment is on maintaining positive thinking rather than reverting to negative ones. Healthy behaviors are simple to adopt over the short term, but sustained change is necessary to reap the rewards.

This means that stage two is still ongoing. People are drawn to optimism. Be a positive person, pick up some new interests, and become the person your ex wants to rekindle a relationship with. Putting your all into the project This stage is about being your best self throughout this difficult and uncomfortable time, being upfront and honest, and avoiding mind games.

Admit your mistakes, be honest, and express your desires to your partner. However, after you’ve exposed your cards, you should take a step back and wait for them to approach you. You cannot force someone else to feel the way you want them to. If the desired result isn’t achieved, you must be willing to let go.

What is included in the program?

The 200+ page eBook, 4-hour audio course, 7-part video series, worksheets to help couples, and 3 free bonuses make up the Mend The Marriage online course. It is essentially complete—there aren’t many things that are missing.

Your marriage can be repaired in its entirety thanks to the program. Here is a brief summary of the three additional bonus eBooks that I particularly appreciated. Money Matters Guide Nothing destroys marriages faster than financial issues.

How often do finances come up in disputes in marriages? It can be so physically and emotionally draining. Brad Browning uses this manual to assist couples who are dealing with lingering financial problems so that you won’t hate one another, won’t stop being intimate, and won’t lose your mind.

The Infidelity Survival guide As the saying goes, “trust and loyalty are the cornerstones of marriage.” But let’s face it—fidelity and faithfulness are difficult for either sex in today’s world of options.

For those who think both are problematic, this book is a must-read. Browning advises couples to not assume their partner is having an affair because you might be completely wrong. You might believe you’re in a happy marriage when you’re not because most affairs go undiscovered, according to him. [

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Indeed, facts are facts! Last but not least, just because your partner has an extramarital affair with you doesn’t automatically mean that he or she doesn’t love you. Adultery frequently results from a loss of intimacy in relationships; this is unrelated to you personally.

Children and Divorce eBook Children who experience divorce often struggle with it throughout adolescence and adulthood. This thoughtful eBook walks couples through the divorce process and explains how the various stages relate to the emotional toll on kids. Brad also discusses how parents frequently act out victim roles.

No parent wants their temporary separation or divorce to have a lasting psychological impact on their children. Couples learn from Browning how to prevent that tragic outcome.

What is the price?

Mend The Marriage costs $49.95. The main eBook, videos, audio, and bonuses mentioned above are all included in the cost.

Although $49.95 isn’t exactly chump change, I believe it offers excellent value given the number of resources you receive. The cost will also be quickly forgotten if it can help strengthen (or even save) your marriage.

Benefits of the Mend The Marriage program

What I appreciated most about the Mend The Marriage program is what follows. This online course is intended for both men and women, as it should be, unlike many relationship courses that are geared toward women.

The program is straightforward to read and use. The entire program comes with an eBook, videos, audio, and a ton of bonuses. I didn’t anticipate Brad Browning to offer so many resources to help save my marriage when I went to sign up. I felt inspired.

Mend the Marriage urges couples to acknowledge their shortcomings in the relationship and outlines every obstacle to marriage that can be imagined. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars to see a psychologist!

A 60-day money-back guarantee is included. Because of this, buying it is risk-free.


My Mend The Marriage review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the aspects of the program that I didn’t like as much, despite the fact that I found it to be incredibly effective for my own marriage. Brad Browning frequently makes generalizations and presents his advice in layman’s terms.

Theoretically excellent but perhaps not in practice. Many marriages have a foundation of underlying problems. I’m not sure if Browning’s counsel would be beneficial for more challenging marital issues. It’s unfortunate that this online course is only available in digital form for those who prefer to read physical books, don’t have access to the internet, or aren’t very tech savvy.

Does It Work To Mend The Marriage?

Couples who are prepared to put in the work will benefit from Mend The Marriage. In this online program, you’ll undoubtedly find some intriguing insights that might enable you to stop engaging in harmful behaviors.

The program is also effective at getting people to take ownership of their own behavior, which I think is crucial for long-term relationship healing. Because I stopped blaming others and seeing myself as the victim, miracles undoubtedly started to happen in my own marriage as I progressed through the program.

The narrative of victimhood is extremely risky, as Browning frequently emphasizes. Being a victim is literally ineffective. Although making and maintaining changes in relationships can be challenging, Browning’s expert counsel can undoubtedly help if you’re determined to make your relationship better.

Review of Mend The Marriage: My opinion

Regarding my Mend The Marriage review, I’m grateful. The Mend The Marriage program appealed to me because it depicts narratives that frequently take place in unhappy marriages. The online course explores solutions for relationship issues that may arise.

For both men and women trying to put their brokenness back together, Browning’s counsel is a potent weapon. The online course may not be a replacement for a private counseling or relationship psychology session, but it is still a valuable addition to any marriage that is deteriorating slowly.

The course’s buyer is covered by the 60-day money-back guarantee if they don’t like it or it doesn’t work for them personally. Your marriage won’t be saved by any book, online course, or counseling session, of course. Sometimes relationships are truly irreparable, and it’s wise to let go and find new relationships.

However, Mend The Marriage will be a great program for you if you believe there is still hope and are willing to try with your partner.


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