Man Murders His Office Computer

Man Murders His Office Computer For Making Him Angry

Man Murders His Office Computer For Making Him Angry.

A man who could, in no way, be described as a technological genius, has revealed how his computer made him so angry that he decided to murder it, and did.

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Larry Kweku Ofori, 52, had been working at his job in an insurance office for three months, but had yet to master the temperamental computer.

“I’m not the most gifted computer operator, it has to be said, but even turning the machine on presented its problems. I learnt very early on what a screen freeze was, as it happened to me almost every day.”

Larry went on to list the various struggles he had with his computer:

“The computer would encounter some problem whereby it would take an eternity for the screen to turn over to the next page, or would lose its internet connection, and have to be restarted, meaning that I’d lost all of the data I’d input. Or the back-up system wouldn’t work, or there would be a break in the connection with the printer, or the printer would run out of ink at a critical point. If the printer printed, there would be a problem with the paper, or the loading of the paper, or the paper stuck to other sheets of paper. It was just a long line of disasters related to the computer.”

Larry started to lose patience with the machine:

“There were all kinds of weird messages that I didn’t understand: ‘http 404 file not found‘, ‘virus detected‘, and so on. I just got fed up. I waited until everyone had gone home, then I went to the top of the building – the 44th floor – and slung the fucking bitch off the roof. It made such a din when it hit the ground. A weight was lifted from my shoulders!”.

Larry is currently looking for alternative, non-clerical employment.-

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