List of Satellite TV Frequencies in Ghana

Satellite TV Frequencies in Ghana – Satellite frequencies in Ghana have enabled our television stations to reach viewers not only in the hinterlands but also across the continent.

There is no need for Ghanaians to be overly concerned about missing their favorite channels or news because they are traveling outside the country.

Such technological advancement characterizes the modern world, and Ghana is not left behind.

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Satellites used for television broadcasting are typically in a geostationary orbit 37,000 km (23,000 mi) above the earth’s equator.

The advantage of this orbit is that the satellite’s orbital period equals the Earth’s rotation rate, so the satellite appears to be in a fixed position in the sky.

About Satellite TV

Satellite television is a service that delivers television programming to viewers by relaying it directly from an Earth-orbiting communications satellite to the viewer’s location.

Signals are received using an outdoor parabolic antenna, also known as a satellite dish, and a low-noise block downconverter.

The desired television program is then decoded by a satellite receiver and displayed on a television set. Receivers can be external set-top boxes or television tuners built into the device.

Satellite television offers a diverse selection of channels and services. It is often the only television available in many remote geographic areas where neither terrestrial television nor cable television service is available.

Signals from modern systems are relayed from a communications satellite on the X band (8-12 GHz) or Ku band (12-18 GHz) frequencies, which require only a small dish less than a meter in diameter.

The first satellite TV systems were of the now-obsolete television receive-only variety. These systems received weaker analog signals transmitted by FSS type satellites in the C-band (4-8 GHz), necessitating the use of large 2-3-meter dishes. As a result, these systems were dubbed “big dish” systems, and they were more expensive and less popular.

Satellite TV Frequencies in Ghana

There are quite a number of Satellite TV frequencies available in Ghana and in this section of the article, we will be taking a look at these Satellite TV frequencies. Check them out below;

Badr 7 26.0°E 10970 V 27500
Astra 2F 28.2°E 11635 V 30000
SES 5 5.0°E 3892 R 8583
Eutelsat 36B 35.9°E 12073 V 27500
Astra 2F 28.2°E 12525 V 30000
Intelsat 37e 18.0°W 4032 R 9037
Astra 2F 28.2°E 11635 V 30000
Astra 2F 28.2°E 11595 V 30000
Astra 4A 4.8°E 12645 V 30000
Express AMU1 36.1°E 12207 H 27500
Eutelsat 36B 35.9°E 12073 V 27500

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