LG Phones And Prices In Ghana 2022

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There are different models of LG phones and their prices in Ghana. When you want to buy LG phones in Ghana and do not know the actual price of the phone, this article will guide you. 

In this write-up, we will help you by listing the LG phones and their prices in Ghana. Although the prices of LG phones differ from shop to shop in Ghana. We will show you some of the shops and the price of their LG phones.

How Much Does LG Phones Cost In Ghana?

ModelPrice (GHC))Seller
LG V20880Fredwan Enterprise
LG G5680Fredwan Enterprise
LG G6 32GB480Gwin Ghana Limited
LG G7 Thinq850Gwin Ghana Limited
LG G8 Thinq1,400Adom Nti Phones
LG Q9 64GB650Gwin Ghana Limited
LG V10 64GB460Itec Communications LTD
LG G8X 128GB1,850Itec Communication LTD
LG G8X Thinq 128GB 2 SIM2,150Itec Communications LTD
LG X6 64GB580Gwin Ghana Limited
LG W41 Pro1,183PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG W41 Plus1,183PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG W31 Plus866PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG W411,039PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG K92 5g2,077PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG K621,327PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG K711,067PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG Wing 5G4,616PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG Q92 5G2,423PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG Q311,010PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG Velvet 5G UW4,328PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG Stylo 61,067PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG Q611,385PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG V40 1281,250Itec Communications LTD
LG V30 64GB800Itec Communication LTD
LG K41s779PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG V50s ThinQ 5G5,626PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG K51s923PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG G8x ThinQ2193PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG K40s1,096PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG Q91,731PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG K11 Plus1,154PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG G7 Fit2,020PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG Reflect750PHONEAQUA  Ghana
LG Q6 Plus808PHONEAQUA  Ghana


We have listed some of the prices and models of LG phones in Ghana. Also, we have indicated the sellers of these LG phones and the amount they are selling in Ghana.

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