Kukua: How To Chat Fidelity Bank’s WhatsApp Assistant For Help

Kukua: How To Chat Fidelity Bank’s WhatsApp Assistant For Help.

Not long ago, Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited introduced a virtual assistant for its customers to get helped without the need to visit the bank’s branches.

Fidelity Bank announced its WhatsApp Assistant officially on the October 06, 2020 — as part of its digital banking initiative.

To know a brief about the WhatsApp Banking Assistant, it’s a 24-hour WhatsApp Banking Assistant, that is fully conversant with the bank’s suite of offering to answer questions through cutting edge technology, forms part Fidelity Bank’s Together We’re More brand promise that views success as a collaborative effort between itself, clients and the general public. For more information, you can read here: Meet Kukua: Fidelity Bank’s WhatsApp Banking Assistant.


Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited is known to be one of the biggest banks in Ghana — that has been operating for long.

Today, the bank has showed improvement in advanced technology, by having a virtual assistant that serves its customers via WhatsApp.

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In this article, we shall take a look at some of the services offered by the Fidelity Bank WhatsApp assistant, Kukua and how you can chat Kukua on WhatsApp.

Services Offered By Kukua – Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited’s WhatsApp Assistant

Kukua joined the innovative portfolio of Fidelity Bank’s digital products to provide help in some areas such as:

  • Check your account balance
  • Transfer Funds
  • Top Up Airtime
  • Mobile App
  • Online Banking
  • Online Account Opening
  • USSD
  • Visa Cards
  • Others

Now, let us take a look into how you can chat Kukua as Fidelity Bank Ghana’s WhatsApp Assistant.

How To Chat Kukua On WhatsApp For Assistant

Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited

For any related issue about Fidelity Bank Ghana, you can kindly WhatsApp Kukua on 0544315500 to open account online, check your account balance, transfer funds, top up your airtime and so more.

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I’m glad to serve you with How To Chat Fidelity Bank’s WhatsApp Assistant For Help, Kukua.

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