Kabfam Nasco 32 Inch Tv Price 2023

By | June 16, 2023

You might have probably heard about Kabfam Ghana and the amazing discounts and promotions they offer their customers and you want to know more about their Nasco televisions.

Kabfam have a wide array of televisions and other appliances but we are bringing your more details about their 32- inch Nasco televisions.

Nasco Televisions

NASCO is a brand that manufactures a wide range of consumer electronics and home appliances. It is known for producing products such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and other household appliances.

NASCO products are designed to provide reliable performance and functionality at affordable prices. The brand aims to offer a balance between quality and affordability, making their products accessible to a wide range of consumers.

NASCO TVs utilize different display technologies, including LED (Light Emitting Diode) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), to deliver sharp and vibrant visuals. LED TVs are energy-efficient and offer enhanced brightness and contrast.

NASCO offers Smart TVs that provide internet connectivity and access to online streaming platforms, social media apps, and other interactive features. Smart TVs allow you to enjoy on-demand content, browse the web, and connect with various entertainment options.

Kabfam Nasco 32 Inch Tv Price 2023


Price: GH¢ 1,099.00

Adopting aerospace special used energy-saving screen, energy-efficient OPC chips and PMS energy-saving power supply to saving up to 52% energy so as to effectively extend the life of TV


Resolution: 1366 × 768
Screen Type: Flat

Screen Size: 32″
Resolution Type: LED

Quantum Dot Colour: No

Film Mode: Yes

Smart Service

Apps: No
Games: No

Web Browser: No
Voice Recognition: No

Analog Tuner: Yes

Digital Broadcasting: DVB-T2/S2

USB: Yes (1)

Ethernet (LAN): Yes

Wireless LAN Built-in: No

HDMI: Yes (2)

TV Design
Design: Slim Edge

Slim Type: Slim

Weight & Dimensions
Gross Weight: 5.5 kg

735 mm × 470 mm × 200 mm

Net Weight:
4 kg

Built-in Voltage Regulator: Yes

Voltage: 100 – 240V

Terms and Conditions on Kabfam Products

  • Warranty and repairs: they offer a 12 month warranty on all their products
  • Free delivery: Kabfam assists in delivering products at the doorsteps of customers free of charge if you happen to be in the same region.
  • You are guaranteed of getting original products when you buy from Kabfam

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