iPhone Screenshot Not Working

iPhones are machines, and at some point, you might have a problem using your iPhone to take a screenshot.

When this happens, do not be so hard on yourself because just like any other machine, iPhone can also malfunction.

In this article, we will be looking at how you can fix your iPhone screenshot issue if you encounter it, and also we will be showing you other ways through which you can take screenshots on your iPhone if the power button and home button combination is not working.

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iPhone Screenshot Not Working

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and taking a screenshot using the conventional techniques doesn’t work. Maybe one of the buttons is stuck, or maybe the gadget has a software issue.

There are several ways to fix the iPhone screenshot not working issue and these are;

  • For screenshots, use the AssistiveTouch function. Users with accessibility challenges can utilize the iPhone AssistiveTouch function to manage their device using simple pinches, gestures, swipes, and voice-activated instructions.
  • Look in the Photos app. The ability to take screenshots frequently results in screenshots being saved in places you haven’t looked. To view your most recent images, open the Photos app and click the Albums option. You may also choose Screenshots to view screenshots.
  • Reboot your iPhone. Take a screenshot after restarting the device and before it turns back on. The screenshots feature may occasionally experience software faults or glitches that can be fixed with a straightforward restart.
  • To snap screenshots, use 3D Touch.  AssistiveTouch must first be enabled before you can configure 3D Touch to take screenshots.
  • Reset the iPhone to its default settings. The final option after trying the aforementioned processes is to reset the device to factory defaults. This frequently resolves software issues but deletes all of your device’s data.
  • Speak with Apple support. Take your iPhone to an Apple Store Genius Bar for a professional evaluation if you’ve tried everything mentioned above and are still unable to take screenshots on it.

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