Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or i9: Which Should You Get?

Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or i9, which one do you need and which one should you buy? The processor you will buy depends on what you want to use your computer for.

These days there are high-performance laptops and computers. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) contributes a lot to the performance of the computer. Computers have become more powerful these days than some years back.

Most people buy high-performance computers because they have heard that it is the best. After buying these computers, some end up using them for just normal office work.

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There are others out there who also want to do some high-performance computer-demanding tasks but don’t know which computers to buy. You need to know which task you want to perform and which machines you actually need.

Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or i9: Which Should You Get?

Purchasing any type of computer demands some critical analysis. You have to know what you want to use the computer for and if the computer you are buying is capable of helping you reach your goal.

Since the processor is one key thing to consider, we will be looking at some of these processors and which tasks they can accomplish. Another major thing that we should look at is the cores of the processor.

CPU Cores

To help you simply understand what CPU cores are, I will say the cores are the individual processing chambers within a single computer CPU.

Gone were the days when we had only one core to a CPU. Meaning if you take one CPU chip, you look at it as only one Central Processing Unit which makes it a single core.

These days if you take a single CPU chip, you could be looking at between 2 to 16 processing units (Cores) in a single chip. The cores allow a single CPU chip to work as if it was multiple.

If you have 2 Cores CPU, you will have only one CPU chip in your computer but it will function as if you have two different CPUs. So the Cores function as individual processing units.

Intel Core i3

Usually, the intel core processors are targeted at Desktop computer users and the Core i3 is no exception. There was not much difference between this processor type and its earlier versions. But intel’s 13th Gen Core i3 processors are far beyond what an i3 processor use to be.

Even though there have been more improvements to the i3 processors, usually, they are made for handling everyday tasks. Tasks like graphic editing and studio engineering software should run smoothly on this type of CPU.

If you find a Core i3 processor in a laptop, just know that it will have a little bit lower performance compared to the one in the system unit.

i5, i7, and i9

With the exception of i9, the gap between Core i5 and i7 processors has become very thin. If you should compare the performance of the modern version of these two processors, you will be forced to believe they are on the same level.

Usually, an i5 processor in laptops does not make much difference so most people use such i5 laptops for normal daily office activities. This is true but you should also know that i5 processors in modern Gaming laptops are as powerful as i7 processors.

If gaming is your goal, you should look out for i7 and i9 processors. These are the top processors if you want to build a high-performance computer, especially for gaming. These types of processors usually come with 16 to 24 cores.

If you want high performance, then the Intel i9 processor should be your best shot. The i7 processors are also very powerful and can give you the performance you need.

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