How To Identify Fake Samsung, Tecno, Infinix and iTel Phones

By | October 9, 2020

A brief guide on How To Identify Fake Samsung, Tecno, Infinix and iTel Smartphones.

Why Are There Fake Android Phones?

The reason for fake Samsung, Infinix and Tecno phones is just because of how Samsung Galaxy, Infinix and Tecno phones run on android and android is an open-source operating system.

Any individual can setup his or her android mobile application by utilizing on the Android OS — since it’s an open source mobile application platform. The source code is open to all interested persons under open source license and most phone manufactures take advantage of creating fake android phones.

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We will take a look at How To Identify Fake Samsung, Infinix, Tecno and iTel Phones.

How To Identify Fake Samsung

  • Check Samsung Phone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

The IMEI is a unique number for every smartphone. It’s important that the device IMEI is similar to the manufacturer box IMEI number

To check for the IMEI of your Samsung Phone, kindly dial *#06#

You can also test your Samsung phone with a code by following the guide below

Samsung Code Test

With this, if you test and your Samsung phone is original, you will get some software and hardware info. These are the codes below

  • *#1234# (View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM)
  • *#0*# (Samsung General Test Mode)
  • *#12580369# (Device Software & Hardware Info)
  • *#197328640# (Service Mode)
  • *#022*# (ADC Reading)
  • *#32489# (Ciphering Info)
  • *#232337# (Bluetooth Address)
  • *232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode)

Check Samsung Phone Camera

Any original Samsung phone camera is capable of capturing full regulation clear and Sharp photo.

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If the Samsung phone is fake, it will notify you that original but its image quality will be dull or poor.

How To Identify A Fake TECNO Smartphone

If you want to check the originality of your TECNO Mobile phone, then follow the simple guide below.

  • Enter your IMEI code and VC code in the field
  • Click on submit button
  • You will receive alert if the device is fake or original

How To Identify A Fake Infinix Smartphone

Infinix Mobility has the options for their mobile phone users to check fake Infinix smartphones by testing before making making purchase.

If you want to know whether an Infinix phone is original or not, you can first of all check your IMEI and VC Number

  • Dial *#06# for IMEI
  • Check on the phone or below the battert for the VC number
  • Go to Infinix verification tool
  • Input your IMEI and VC number
  • Click on submit button and wait for the result

Now, you will get info if your Infinix is original or fake

How To Identify A Fake itel Smartphone And Battery

To identify the originality of your itel smartphone and its battery, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Dial *#06# to check IMEI
  • Find VC code under the battery
  • Enter the IMEI and VC number of the phone on:
  • Click on the submit button

Itel will now alert you if your smartphone is original or fake.

Thanks for reading todays update on How To Identify Fake Samsung, Tecno, Infinix and iTel Phones.

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