Hurdle Unlimited Wordle – The Most Difficult Wordle Game

By | November 15, 2023

The most difficult wordle game is the Hurdle Unlimited Wordle. So far that is what I regard as the most difficult one and this is the reason why.

Before I tell you why I think this game is the most difficult one, you must know some of the games I have tried over some period. I started with Wordle Unlimited and below are some of the similar games I have tried so far.

Apart from the games above, I have also tried an Anti Wordle game. At some point in time, I was even convinced that Anti wordle is more difficult than other similar games. Now, I can no longer say that since I have played this particular game seven times in a row and lost.

I am about to show you more you would need to know about the Hurdle Unlimited Wordle – The Most Difficult Wordle Game.

How to play Hurdle Unlimited Wordle

To know that this game is difficult, you must understand how it works. That is the only way you will know how different it is from the other wordle games.

If you want to play, visit in your browser. The game is strictly online so you will need an active internet connection to play this game.

Immediately you open the page, you will be presented with the black game with a keyboard. The goal is to guess the mystery word.

Hurdle Unlimited Wordle - The Most Difficult Wordle Game

You are supposed to guess a five-letter word but you have seven columns. The right two columns show colors to give you a clue if you get the right word.

A number in a Green tile means you have found that number of letters and they are at the right positions in the mystery word. If you had a number in the yellow tile means you have found that number of letters that are part of the mystery word but they are not in the right position.

If you are not getting what I described above, then look at the graphical presentation as I try to win a game.

Hurdle Unlimited Wordle

Why it is the most difficult wordle game

The main reason why this game is so difficult is because of the limit at which the colors guide you. To me, these colors are giving absolutely no clue you can rely on to guess the right word.

You should know that you will not see the colors marked on the main game board until you lose. This means you will actually be playing blind and the colors you are supposed to rely on will not show which letters the colors are for.

Unlike other games that lock the letters that are not part of the mystery word, this one allows you to play with all the letters throughout so you can repeat the same wrong letter several times.

The reason for providing you with the Best Sites To Play Wordle Unlimited 6 Letter Words is that — I have tried 7 times but lost all. Have you won any of the games? Let me know in the comment section if you were able to win and how long you lost before you were able to win.

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