How To Use Your Real Picture On IMVU

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IMVU has come at a time where virtual reality and gaming have gone to the next level in all facets.You may be wondering about how you can use your real picture on the IMVU platform as you sign up to the website to make use of the amazing features they have to offer.

This article explains how you can use your picture on IMVU and the necessary things you need to know about the platform.

What Is IMVU

IMVU is a social networking service that enables users to represent themselves as 3D avatars that can engage in conversation, chat, shopping, and gaming. You have the option to make your hobbies, blog, special someone, and photographs public on your IMVU home page. IMVU advises using images of your avatar rather than images of yourself when uploading personal photos for your contacts to see.

What age is required to play IMVU?

The app is not intended for users under the age of 17. IMVU allows users 13 and older to register, however the recommended age is really 17. It’s important to note that, as per Imvu, the majority of its players are between the ages of 18 and 24, with 7% being beyond the age of 35. If your child is’mature enough’ for this, think about it.

How To Use Your Real Picture On IMVU

Follow the steps below to have your picture on IMVU.

  • Your web browser should be directed to the “” website.
  • Make use of your email address and password to sign into your IMVU account.
  • To view your profile, tap on your name in the top right corner.
  • Select “Upload Image” on the “My Gallery” tab of your profile page.
  • Select the picture of yourself by navigating to it. The image can be captured using a webcam or scanned from a photograph. After choosing an image, select “Upload.”
  • In the “Title” section, give your image a title and choose the gallery where it should be saved. Your IMVU profile now displays your photo.

Community Forums In IMVU

Users spend time building and engaging in user groups (similar to forums but customized by the owner), establishing public and private rooms, personalizing their individual homepages, and visiting and posting in the Community forums. Users are able to design their own universes, nightclubs, resorts in paradise, even space stations, houses, and castles. There are also a ton of user-made third-party websites that provide the IMVU community extra forums and tools. IMVU users can do peer reviews on virtual goods that are awaiting submission to the IMVU catalog for a payout of 10 promo-credits.

Credits In IMVU

IMVU “credits” and “promo credits” serve as the foundation of its own monetary system. Developer tokens, a third type of payment for creators, were also available; they were obtained when a user made a purchase using “promo-credits.” Straight from IMVU, credits could be bought online with real money. In addition to performing surveys and the game’s daily spin, in which players can win perhaps an item or a certain number of credits, players can also earn credits by purchasing IMVU gift cards from retail establishments.

Predits, also known as promotional credits, were a second form of currency given out to members by IMVU. They could be earned by taking part in some “Partner” programs and a few of the company’s activities. Promo-credits were comparable to regular credits when compared to a typical free or full member. Promo-credits are equivalent to a set number of credits, but they cannot be exchanged for real money at an IMVU reseller or used to buy gifts for other users. Promo-credits, also widely recognized as “promo credits,” were converted into “developer tokens,” or “dev tokens,” in order to acquire a virtual good. When promo-credits are utilized, irrespective of the cost of the item purchased, the purchase converted the promo-credits into developer tokens, although only one developer token was earned each purchase.   The game’s creators hinted at a potential commercial component by enabling players to donate credits in the early years of 2021.

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