How To Use Google Flights In USA

By | June 18, 2022

Google Flights is one of the most sophisticated flight search engines on the internet, featuring a variety of options to help find a cheap ticket easier.

It’s the most comprehensive flight search engine available, and although it’s not perfect, it’s fairly near, especially if you know how to use it to get the best deals.

In this article, we will walk you through how to use Google flights in the USA. We will also talk more about Google flights in the USA.

How To Use Google Flights

  1. Visit Google Flights at
  2. The Menu in the top left corner gives shortcuts to Search Flights, Google Flights Explore, and Tracked Prices.
  3. In the middle of the webpage, you’ll find Flight Search, where you may enter details to begin your flight search. Any of the following can be provided:
  4. Departure Airport: You may search for inexpensive flights from up to seven different departure points.
  5. Destination: You can also choose up to seven destinations to fly to.
  6. Type of Trip: Round trip, way, or Multi-City
  7. Dates of Travel
  8. Numbers of Passengers: Adults, Children, infants in seats, and infants on laps.
  9. Airline Class: Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class & First Class.

How to Cancel Google Flight

If you need to cancel a flight, you should contact the airline or online travel agent immediately. Cancellations are not something Google can help with directly. Check the cancellation policy to see if there are any deadlines or penalties for canceling, as well as whether you’ll get a refund.

The confirmation number and contact details for the airline or travel agency are usually included in the confirmation email(s) you got after purchasing your journey.

Why Are Google Flights Cheaper

Google flights are search engines. They will gather as much information as possible and provide you with the best available pricing, but they will not sell tickets. To book, you must go to the airline, a “regular” travel agent, or an internet travel agency such as Expedia.

They frequently receive payment from the airline or agency for transporting the consumer, but they are not a party to the transaction. This implies that Google Flights will only show you the pricing for tickets that they really offer.

  • Why Doesn’t Southwest Show Up On Google Flights

Southwest has long prohibited third-party sites and apps from selling its fares, which is why you’ll never see Southwest on Google Flights or Priceline. Delta Air Lines has revoked authorization to publish its rates on around 30 websites and applications, including Hipmunk, Fare Compare, and Hopper, in recent years.

What European Airlines Are Not On Google Flights

  • Vueling
  • Ryanair
  • Transavia
  • Easy Jet
  • Blue Air
  • EuroWings
  • Norwegian
  • FlyBe
  • Air Italy
  • Wizz Air
  • AirBaltic
  • Smart Wings

Google Flights Tracker

Google Flights’ price tracker is available on both the desktop and smartphone versions. Follow the instructions below to use Google Flights’ price tracker tool.

  • Go to the Google Flight website.
  • Log into your Google account.
  • Enter your flight information.
  • Customize your search results.
  • Then click on the “Track prices” switch.
  • Get your price alerts and updates.

How To Download Google Flights App

There is no iOS or Android app for Google Flights. Despite being incorporated within the Google Search app, it is obviously somewhat buggy on a mobile device. The king of travel search engines works best on a desktop computer.

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