How To Subscribe To MTN Call Bundles In Ghana

Call bundles make communication extremely simple and straightforward. There is no denying that call bundles enable people to contact their loved ones and talk for extended periods of time without worrying about their call credit.

One thing to keep in mind is that call bundles are not free, and previously, calls consumed a portion of mobile phone users’ call credit due to the lack of call bundles.

Mobile telecommunications companies have brought network bundles solely for calls to help retain their customer base, and one of these companies that provides such services is the Mobile Telecommunications Network, also known as MTN.


In this article, we will look at how you can subscribe to call bundles as an MTN customer without any hassle.

Call Bundles on MTN in Ghana

MTN Ghana has some soothing call bundles that customers can actually enjoy on the go. These call bundles are;

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MTN Mashup – The mashup bundle gives the customer talk time as well as data. You are at liberty to choose the allocation you want as call bundle and data bundle. You can purchase this bundle for as low as GHC 0.5. Bear in mind that the allocation depends on the amount you are purchasing.

MTN Nkomode – The MTN Nkomode gives the customer the opportunity to speak for free after paying for the first minute of the call.

MTN Super Saver Bundles – As the name implies, these bundles make you save the amount you could have used for calls and data when using the Pay As You Go service.

How To Subscribe To MTN Call Bundles

Since there are several MTN call bundles, there are also different ways that you can subscribe to these specific bundles. To subscribe to any of the bundles, do the following;

MTN Mashup bundle – You can subscribe to this bundle by dialing the short code, *567#, and following the prompts. This service is an automatic opt-out service, meaning you would have to always dial the number if you want to subscribe.

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MTN Nkomode – As a customer, you can subscribe to the MTN Nkomode bundle by dialing the short code, *315#. With this, you would have to deactivate when you want to opt out.

MTN Super Saver Bundle – As mentioned earlier, the Super Saver gives the customer so much by paying little. To subscribe to this bundle, dial the short code, *138#.

How long do MTN Call Bundles Last?

Well, just like all other bundles on MTN, MTN call bundles have no expiry dates.

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