How To Subscribe To Glo Yakata Tribe Bundle In Ghana 2021

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Glo Yakata bundle is an offer by Glo Ghana that gives call time and gives you up to 20GB data bundle; this data bundle can be shared with other Glo subscribers.

With Glo Yakata PLUS, talk more and surf the internet longer! Get 2GB of data to browse, and Free Unlimited Glo to Glo calls all for GHS 5. 

Join the Yakata Tribe by dialing *555# today or buy a Glo SIM today to activate the Glo Yakata data bundle. 

Benefits of Glo Yakata Bundle

  • Unlimited free Glo-Glo calls
  • Huge Data Volume
  • Free data and Glo- The pack price determines Glo Calls’ validity.

Who Qualifies for Glo YAKATA Bundle?

Yakata is available to all Glo subscribers; new Glo subscribers and existing subscribers can enjoy dialling the yakata shortcode, which is *500#. 

Glo Yakata Bundles, Prices and Expiry Date

PriceFree Call TimeData BundleData Available to GiftExpiry days
GHS5 Unlimited 1.5GB500MB10
GHS10 Unlimited 3GB1GB20
GHS20 Unlimited 6GB2GB40
GHS50 Unlimited 15GB5GB100

How to Buy Glo Yakata Bundle

The shortcode for activating Glo Yakata bundle is *555#. Dial *555#, choose your price to buy your Yakata Bundle.

How to buy Glo Yakata Internet bundle with Glo Mobile Money 

If you are using MoMo, you can dial *543# to purchase a bundle from your momo wallet. And for detailed information regarding the data plans, you can simply dial the shortcode — *555#

How to Share Glo Yakata Bundle with Other Glo Users

If you wish to share your data bundle with other Glo users with Yakata, you can share your data with other Glo subscribers. Follow any of the methods below.

Method 1: Dial and call *555#, choose the gift data option and enter the amount of data you want to give, and enter the receiver’s number.

Method 2: You can also dial the following code *127*<Plan Code>* < Glo Receiver Number># to give some of your yakata data bundle to other Glo subscribers. Data.

How to check your Glo Yakata Bundle

You can check your remaining yakata data bundle by dialing *124# like the other data packages or offers. Your data balance will be displayed on your screen.

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