How To Split Screen On Mac

Particularly when you work from home on a computer,  you may occasionally require more than one window. However, switching between several full-screen windows isn’t a particularly effective solution. Instead, splitting your screen makes it simpler to run two windows at once.

When you require to look at data for a report, have chat windows active while working on something else, or simply want to multitask while watching a video playing on one side of your screen, split-screen mode is fantastic.

The split screen mode that Macs provide enables you to place two apps (or two different browser windows) on opposite sides of your monitor. By doing this, you can switch between windows without using your mouse or the Command + Tab keyboard shortcut.

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Without needing to manually move and resize windows, Split View allows you to completely fill your Mac screen with two apps.

split-screen mode

Using two apps simultaneously on your Mac simply takes a few simple steps when you split the screen.

1. Move the mouse pointer over the green button in the window’s upper left corner.

2. A popup with options on what to do with it will appear along with an arrow. Select the tile window on the left or the tile window on the right of the screen.

3. The window will take up at least half of that screen, and the remaining windows will show up in the other half, based on which side you selected. To set the window in the other half, tap on it.

4. You may easily modify the order of the windows if you disagree with the arrangement.  Simply click and hold the window’s menu bar while dragging it to the opposite side.

5. Select the border separating your two windows to enlarge or reduce one of them. To turn one smaller and one larger, drag your cursor. The entire screen will still be taken up by your two windows.

6. In this mode, your menu bars, including the red, yellow, and green dots, vanish. The menu bar will return across the top of both windows if you move your pointer to the top of your screen.

Split-screen window switching

Split screen view makes switching between two pages simple. You may switch back and forth between different apps and your split screen.

1. To activate Mission Control, swipe up with four fingers on the trackpad.

2. Select the dual screen pair or window you want to switch to.

As an alternative, you can open a different window by using three fingers to swipe left or right on your touchpad.

Exiting the split-screen

You can switch back to fullscreen mode once you are through working in split screen view.

1. Position the cursor so that the green button reappears at the top of the window you wish to shrink.

2. To enlarge your window, select the green button. You will leave split-screen mode by doing this.

3. The window you are now in will resume having a split screen. Fullscreen mode will be applied to the other window.

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