How To Restart iPhone 13

We live and die by our cell phones, rarely giving it a chance to reboot and refresh to have a maximum capacity to retain its capacity and functionality.

In this guide, we will study how you can restart your iPhone 13 and have everything functioning well.

About iPhone 13

Iphone 13 are iPhones from the fifteenth generation of the apple phones (succeeding the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini respectively).
At its special event “Peek Performance” on March 8, 2022, Apple unveiled a new Green color option, which went on sale on March 18.

The iPhone 13 sports a flat chassis similar to that of other Apple devices, with a few exceptions including the larger and diagonally positioned rear cameras. The iPhone’s Face ID True Depth sensor housing is 20% taller and 20% smaller than that of its forerunners. 

Six colors are offered for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini: Midnight, Starlight, Product Red, Blue, Pink, and Green.

How To Restart iPhone 13

Follow the instructions below to have your iPhone 13 restarted for you.

  • Press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons until the power-off slider appears
  • The side button can be found on the right side of the device, while the volume button is on the left.
  • Wait 30 seconds after dragging the slider for your smartphone to switch off. Force restarting will fix a frozen or unresponsive gadget.
  • Press and hold the side button (located on the right side of your iPhone) until the Apple logo appears to turn your device back on.

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