How To Reboot Samsung Phone

Rebooting is the last resolution if your phone is frozen or you are probably having issues with the phone. Let us look at how to reboot Samsung phone when there is an issue with the phone.

There are so many reasons why you might want to reboot your phone. Probably the phone has frozen or you have made certain temporary changes that you want to reboot to clear.

Restarting is the very first resolution when you are facing certain problems with your phone. Let us look at some of the reasons why you have to reboot your phone.

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Why you must reboot

There are so many reasons why you must reboot your phone. You don’t always have to wait for your phone to freeze before you reboot it. You must also know that there is a difference between rebooting your phone and resetting it to factory default. If what you actually want is how to reset your Samsung phone to factory default, then click the link to read our previous article on that.

  • If your phone is too slow, it might be probably because there are some background apps using too much RAM. Rebooting the phone will wipe the temporary files from the RAM hence making the phone run faster.
  • Probably your phone has frozen. Sometimes rebooting will wipe the temporary files and help the phone to return to its normal function.
  • Rebooting help avoid overheating your phone. If your phone is on for too long, the probability that too many apps will be running at the same time is very high. When too many apps are using the CPU simultaneously, overheating is inevitable. Rebooting will quit all the apps and help cool the CPU down.

How to reboot Samsung phone

There are many ways you can reboot your Samsung phone. Depending on the condition of your phone, you might have problems using the power button to reboot. You do not have to worry. There are several ways to reboot without the power button. Below are some of the ways to reboot your phone.

In most cases, you only have to hold your power button for 5 seconds and the phone will go off. You press it again and it will come back on.

Sometimes the phone might freeze and that will render the power button unfunctional. In that situation, you can remove the battery if your battery is removable, wait for a few minutes, insert it, and power it on your phone.

I have also written about a few ways you can restart your smartphone without the power button. You can read about it to find more ways if your power button is not working.


One thing I do and always recommend to my friends using smartphones is to make use of the “Power Schedule”.

I know a specific time of the day that I will not be using my phone. Usually, I set up my “Power Schedule” to turn the phone off at 02:00 and turn it back on at 03:00. This allows the phone to take an hour’s break. It is not much but those are the times I’m likely not using my phone.

Most people can go a whole month without ever rebooting their phone. It is not a good practice. Allow the phone to take a nap. After all, you are not always using it.

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