How To Read A Micro SD Card

Micro SD cards have become a very good storage medium for our phones. Today, we shall be looking at how to read a Micro SD card.

There are different types of Secure Digital (SD) cards and the Micro SD card has become one of the most common ones. As it stands now, there are some SD card adaptors that help convert Micro SD cards into different types of SD cards.

Reading and writing files to a micro SD card could be a problem for even a tech genius if you do not know how to go about it. Especially if you do not have it on your mobile phone.

There are several ways you can read a micro SD card and I will list a few of them for you here.

Read a micro SD via phone

This is the easiest way to read a micro SD card. If you have any type of phone that has a micro SD slot, simply insert the Micro SD into the slot and turn on your phone.

Use the File Manager on your phone to read the contents of the SD card. You can also use a USB data cable to connect your phone to your computer so you can read the contents of the SD card from your computer.

Read Micro SD from the computer

These days, computers come with built-in SD card readers or Micro SD card readers. If you your computer comes with a micro SD card reader, then simply insert the card into the slot and you should be able to read the contents of the card using your file explorer.

If your computer comes with a larger SD card ready, then you will have to get an SD card adaptor. SD card adaptors look similar to the one in the image below. All you will have to do is to insert the micro SD into it before inserting it into your SD card slot

how to read a micro sd card - adaptor

As soon as it is connected, use File Explorer on your computer to read the contents of the SD card.

Use a USB card reader

The USB card reader has always been the best bet especially if you are looking forward to using your micro SD card as a Pendrive. Take a look at the image below and you will know what a good micro SD card reader should look like.

It is not as expensive as you might think. Let me help you to make it even better. If you use my discount link, you could get 5 pieces for as little as $0.60 on AliExpress.

Since not everyone enjoys being stuck with one thing, you can also go for the All-in-one card reader. This one will serve you as a universal card reader as well as a USB hub.

how to read a micro SD card

You can also get this for as little as $4.00 on AliExpress. If you get this, you will not have access to a universal card reader but multiple USB hubs as well.


Probably there are questions you might want to ask about this topic. If you have such questions, kindly leave them in the comment section. But at this moment, I will answer a few of the common questions people ask about this topic.

What device can read a micro SD card?

There are many devices available that can read micro SD cards. Computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, Bluetooth speakers, and many other devices can all read the contents of a micro SD card.

How can I read my micro SD card without the adaptor?

The best way to read your micro SD card without the adaptor is by using a mobile phone. Simply insert the micro SD card into your mobile phone’s SD slot, turn it on, and use the file explorer on your mobile phone to read the contents of the file.
If you will want to read it from your computer, then simply connect your USB data cable to the phone and use the computer’s File Explorer to locate the contents of the micro SD card.

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