How to Pair Roku Remote without Pairing Button

In the field of streaming technology, Roku is a well-known brand. The goal of Roku was to develop a product that would enable Netflix streaming on TVs. Later, though, it was decided to abandon the plan, and Netflix separated Roku into a separate business.

Thanks to the pairing button on the bottom of the remote, Roku streaming media devices are often simple to pair. Just press it for a short period, and your Roku player or TV should connect automatically.

However if the pairing button on your remote is broken or missing, you must try another method. To pair your Roku remote without a pairing button, follow these instructions.

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Sync the Remote Using a Smartphone

You can control your Roku TV from your smartphone using the remote control function of the Roku app for smartphones. It is moreover a practical way to connect your Roku control without having to push the pairing button.

To finish this activity, all you need is a smartphone with WiFi.

To successfully sync remote using a Smartphone, follow the steps below;

  • Open the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your smartphone.
  • Install the Roku application; it is free.
  • To make sure this works, make sure your smartphone and Roku are both logged into the same WiFi network.
  • Access the Roku software right away. The drop-down menu will appear; select the Remote option.
  • With the help of the Remote app, you may remotely operate your Roku TV from your smartphone.
  • On your TV, use your smartphone to choose the Settings option, then the Remotes and Devices option.
  • Lastly, select the drop-down menu selection for Pair New Device.

A suitable remote control will be instantly found on your Roku device. You shouldn’t experience any issues at all if your remote is in good functioning condition. If your Roku remote is still not synchronizing with your account, you might need to try the next strategy.

Sync the Remote Using the “Pair Remote” Option

  • Go to your Roku device’s Home screen to get started.
  • Then scroll down to the Settings section.
  • On the PC, under Settings, select Remotes from the menu on the left.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Couple Remote.
  • This feature should allow you to automatically connect your remote to your Roku device.

It’s conceivable that your remote has a problem if it takes some time to connect to your television. If so, you could see whether troubleshooting your remote or restarting your Roku device will assist.

How to Use A Standard IR Remote Control

Your Roku device’s controller is an IR remote if it doesn’t include a pairing toggle. Even without one, it still works.

The Simple IR remote only works with a select few Roku products, such as Roku TVs that employ an infrared sensor for control.

To use a standard IR remote control, follow the steps below;

  • Connect your Roku device to a TV and turn it on.
  • On your Roku player, select the right TV input source.
  • Charge the IR remote control’s batteries.
  • Indicate your Roku device using the remote.
  • Wait a brief period for the synchronization process to be completed.
  • It is now possible to use your new remote.

Where is the Pairing Button on My Roku Remote?

You can find the pairing button next to the status light under the battery cover on a Roku voice remote that uses normal batteries and includes a microphone pinhole below the power button. The status light could be in the front if your vehicle is an older model.

How to Fix a Non-Pairing Roku Remote

Replace the Batteries

Repairing a Roku remote that won’t pair is not that difficult. The first step in ensuring sure your batteries are operational is to install fresh batteries. It would be advantageous if you also made sure the batteries were put in the battery compartment properly.

Check for Obstructions

The next step is to search for blockages if the batteries are sound but the pairing is still not working. If nothing physical is obstructing the remote control and the player, try pairing again.

Restart Roku Device

Reset your remote control and Roku device by unplugging them from the TV and their respective power sources. After 30 seconds, reconnect your Roku device, then watch the Home Screen display. When the Home Screen appears, insert the batteries into your remote control.

How Do I Hard Reset My Roku?

You can do a hard reset, sometimes referred to as a factory reset, if your Roku still won’t pair after completing the steps for device reset.

Press the “home” button to do this. Choose “settings” then “advanced system settings” from the scroll-down menu. Choose “factory reset” from the menu. The reset should begin shortly after a screen with instructions appears.


You should now be able to connect a Roku remote without the need for a pairing button after reading this article. Reading this article carefully will help you to pair Roku remote without pairing buttons.

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