How To Insert A PDF In PowerPoint

By | April 24, 2023

There are times where we need to insert a pdf in Powerpoint when we are working on something relevant. Sharing information with your audience can be made simple by embedding a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation. It can be helpful to provide information or highlight a document with your audience by inserting a PDF into a PowerPoint presentation.

We will look at how you can insert a PDF into PowerPoint in this guide.

How To Insert A PDF In PowerPoint

The instructions provided in this guide will make it simple for you to add the PDF file to your presentation, whether you decide to embed, link, or convert it to an image format.

 Step 1: Open PowerPoint 

A new slide should be created in PowerPoint. In order to insert the PDF file, you can also choose an existing slide.

 Step 2: Insert an object

Choose the Object option from the Text group on the Insert tab. By doing so, a dialogue box will appear where you may choose the kind of object you want to insert.

Step 3: Choose PDF

Pick the Create from File option in the Object dialogue box. Go to the location where the PDF file is saved on your computer by clicking the Browse option. Click Insert after selecting the PDF document.

Step 4: Display as Icon  

Pick the Display as Icon checkbox in the Object dialogue box. Instead of showing the complete document on your slide, this will display the PDF file as an icon.

Step 5: Resize and position  

Drag the box’s corners to resize the PDF icon, or use the Size choices on the Format tab. Place the PDF icon on the slide where you want it.

Step 6: Link or Embed

You have the option of linking or embedding the PDF file in PowerPoint. While linking the file creates a reference to the file’s location on your computer, embedding the file will increase the presentation’s file size. Check the “Link” box in the Object dialogue box to embed the file.

Step 7: Test  

To make sure the PDF icon is displayed appropriately and that clicking on it will open the file, preview your slide.

Step 8: Save and Share  

Share your PowerPoint presentation with the audience after saving it. The PDF file will open on their machine when they click the PDF icon.

Extra Information

  • Use the Insert Object option and choose Adobe Acrobat Document as the object type if you want to display the whole PDF document on a single slide.
  • Make sure the presentation’s viewers can access the PDF file by saving it in a location that is accessible to them.
  • Simply click the PDF symbol and use the erase key on your keyboard to remove it from your slide.

Step 9: Edit the PDF file

You must make modifications to the original PDF document before reinserting it into the presentation if you need to edit the PDF file after inserting it into PowerPoint. The PDF file cannot be edited directly in PowerPoint.

Step 10: Consider PDF to Image Conversion

Consider converting the PDF file to an image format like JPEG or PNG if you are experiencing problems  getting the PDF file to open in PowerPoint.. The image can then be included to your presentation by selecting Insert Picture from the Insert tab.

Step 11: Compress File Size  

Your PowerPoint presentation’s file size can go up if you have a big PDF file. Using a PDF compression tool or lowering the image quality within the PDF document will help you minimise the file size.

Step 12: Utilise tools for PDF to PowerPoint conversion  

Use PDF to PowerPoint conversion software like Adobe Acrobat DC or Smallpdf if you need to change the content of the PDF document inside of PowerPoint. The PDF document will be converted using these tools into editable PowerPoint presentations, which you can subsequently modify and personalise in PowerPoint.

Remember to test the PDF file to make sure it opens properly, and if you need to alter the presentation’s content, think about converting the PDF file to PowerPoint slides.

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