How To Identify Who Unfollowed You On Tiktok

With more than a billion people using it every month, TikTok is one of the most popular social media sites worldwide.

Although the TikTok app is particularly popular with young and vibrant people, the platform as a whole attracts users from a broad spectrum of ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, and occupations.

In addition to watching short-form content, they also make captivating and popular videos.

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You recently created a fantastic TikTok and are interested about the number of individuals who have seen it. However, while you check your account, nothing looks right, and the following count has dropped. What might have occurred?

Whenever anyone who had been following you abruptly and mysteriously stops doing so, it can be demoralizing. Perhaps they didn’t like your video, or maybe they’ve stopped being interested in what you have to say.

This will allow you to monitor who is following (and unfollowing) you and ensure that all of your efforts aren’t going unappreciated.

This post discusses how to use a third-party software to find out who unfollowed you and what you can do to stop it from happening in the future.

Who Unfollowed Me on TikTok and How Do I Find Out?

Use a third-party app if you want to check who unfollowed you on TikTok since Tiktok does not have an in-built feature for that. Many apps allow you to monitor your TikTok followers,


This tool provides you with information about your TikTok account’s follow and unfollow examination quickly, amazingly, and precisely. Without a doubt, you can tell if someone unfollowed you right away. In conjunction to this, the app offers several excellent features, such as the ability to follow new supporters.

You’ll be curious to learn who unfollowed you. Data on customers who did not follow your profile back is available. Keep in mind that this application isn’t affiliated with or endorsed by TikTok and is meant to provide you with research and information about the “followers,” so to speak.


Anybody using TikTok can use this program to act as a virtual device. It has been specifically designed so that you can view your TikTok followers and unfollowers in the tracker app. You will receive crucial information that can provide fascinating measures and measurement experiences for your data base. This technology also has the extraordinary benefit of helping your supporters.

Basic information about account development, remarks, un-devotees, likes, and offers are provided by the program. You may even obtain information about your companion’s activity preferences and reputation. when utilised.


Any TikToker can use the advanced TikTracker tool. It is the only tracker program designed specifically for TikTok. It provides valuable insights into your supporter base as well as useful metrics and information about your track record.

The app provides detailed information about the evolution of your record, as well as about likes, supporters, blocks, and other metrics. With your record-breaking popularity, you can even apprehend the dedication and viewpoint of your admirers. It is a fantastic administration tool to follow followers and unfollowers over time.

You may get a thorough analysis of your TikTok account, followers, and post-execution with TikTracker. Also, TikTracker’s viral hashtag generator can help you turn your profile into an online media success while increasing the visibility of your TikTok postings.

TikTracker will assist you in determining

How many new followers do you have?

  • How often does my record sell?
  • How many preferences do you generally receive for each post?
  • How closely knit are your backers?
  • In comparison to other records, how well-known is yours?
  • Total number of fans, likes, followers, posts, etc.

Is Using third-party solutions for my TikTok activity recommended?

Using unauthorised third-party tools carries a significant risk. If you make use of it for bulk unfollowing, you risk being shadow banned.

Worse still, your account might be seized, hacked, or undermined. For this reason, we advise you to only utilize trustworthy methods to find out who unfollowed your TikTok account.

Due to the use of dubious 3rd-party software, some TikTokers have been punished for violating user agreements.

While we do not forbid you from utilizing third-party tools, we kindly ask that you only use reliable ones. Be sure to read customer reviews before registering on any platform operated by a third party.

What Happens on TikTok When You Unfollow Someone?

In TikTok, whenever you unfollow someone, their most recent videos are not displayed in your following section on the home screen. Also, the account you unfollow may no longer have access to your videos if your TikTok profile is set to private, and likewise.

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