How To Hide App In Audio Manager

How To Hide App In Audio Manager

Hiding your applications means they are so important to you to the extent that you do not want anyone to get access to them whenever they are in hold of your phone. This happens when some apps become your source of income, your mobile banking apps, and other important things related to that specific app. In case of such things, the need to hide them becomes a priority. Such a thing can be done in Audio Manager. Audio Manager allows users to manage their Android device’s audio settings. When a user opens the app, they’re presented with various audio settings to tweak. Every version of the Android operating system comes with a similar built-in feature. However, Audio Manager hides its best feature behind a long press of the app icon. A long press opens the app’s hidden feature, a security locker that protects data from prying eyes.

To do this, you will need an App that can help you hide your apps, these apps serve as the audio manager and they are numerous in number. Let us use the PRIVATEME APP.

The steps below can help you hide your apps using the Privateme app.

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  1. Download the PrivateMe App on Google playstore
  2. Navigate to the upper right and tap on the (plus) + icon
  3. All apps installed on your phone will appear, tap on the app you want to hide (It will automatically create a clone of the app you have selected)
  4. It will then instruct you to uninstall the app from the home screen, obey the command for your app will not go anywhere; your app is finally hidden, but will have access from the PrivateMe app.
  5. Open the PrivcateMe app and navigate to my application menu
  6. Click on the app you want to access and use it

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