How To Get Rid Of The Clock On The Lock Screen Of Android

Android devices are improving every day and are being taken to a whole new level as google introduces new features and styles of functioning. Having a clock on your android device is a good one since it helps one to know the exact time and to schedule specific programs at the right time in other to abstain from being late in a certain event and to arrange things accordingly.

But not everyone is a fan of this clock thing being found on the screen of their android devices, in this case, getting rid of the clock from the screen of your android should be made. And doing this requires a few steps of tasks.

This article guide is going to walk you through the basic steps on How To Get Rid Of The Clock On The Lock Screen Of Android in 2022.

The Procedure in getting rid of the clock from your screen is shown below;

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on configurations
  • Select lock screen
  • Show lock screen clock and disable it by dragging it from right to left, you can tap on it whiles ‘on’ and the clock will be removed from your android screen.
  • Quit the settings and go home to check if it took effect

Should you find it difficult to do this setting, kindly watch from the photo data provided below for more.

A Ultimate Guide to Remove Clock from Lock Screen on Android Devices

I believe it should not be so hard for you to remove the clock On The Lock Screen Of your Android phone today, since every necessary information has been provided for you above.


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