How To Get A Visa Card In Ghana 2022

By | October 30, 2021

Learning how to get visa card in Ghana can be of help to any internet marketer willing to make purchases online.

A Visa card is a debit or credit card issued by the Visa corporation. They are available in Ghana, and you can apply for one with this step-by-step guide! In this article, I will show you three different ways you can get visa cards in Ghana.

What Is A Visa Card?

A Visa card is a payment card that uses the Visa network and is branded by Visa. Visa credit and debit cards are accepted in more than 200 countries all over the world by merchants as a method of payment.

Visa Inc. is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Foster City, California, United States. It facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world, most commonly through Visa-branded credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards.

I would like to walk you through the complete steps on how to get a Visa Card in Ghana from any bank for 2022.

Types Of Visa Cards

Visa credit cards

Clients who are deemed creditworthy by financial institutions based on their credit reports are issued Visa credit cards. Visa credit cards offer convenience and security to cardholders, and they can be used at retailers and automated teller machines (ATMs) all over the world.

Visa debit cards

Consumers can use their Visa debit cards to access their everyday banking accounts, such as checking and savings accounts. They can be used to make purchases at stores or to conduct ordinary bank transactions at a branch or at an ATM, just like a credit card. Cardholders must use a personal identification number to complete transactions (PIN).

Visa prepaid and gift cards

Visa Prepaid

Prepaid cards are not linked to a bank account or a credit card. These cards have a pre-loaded credit limit of a certain amount of money. This means that the cardholder can only spend the amount loaded on the card. 8 These cards are accepted everywhere Visa is accepted and can be reloaded for future use in some circumstances.

Gift Cards

Gift cards, like prepaid cards, are preloaded with a specified amount. They can be used in any Visa-accepting country. Some gift cards can only be redeemed at a single store. After a gift card has been used up, it is usually not possible to reload it. They have a unique PIN number on the back.

Get Visa Cards From Banks

Here, I will brief you on the guide on how to apply for a Visa Card from banks in Ghana. Getting a Visa Card from a bank in Ghana should not be so hard, just that you do not know the easier way to go about this — in getting your Visa Card securely.

Many banks in Ghana offer Visa Cards to their customers in Ghana. Examples of banks that offer credit cards are UBA, Ecobank, Fidelity, Consolidated Bank Ghana, etc.

Many commercial banks in Ghana like GCB, Ecobank, Stanbic bank, Access Bank, Absa bank, Fidelity Bank, GT Bank, UBA, and others offer visa cards to their customers. Each of the banks have different regulations for the issuance of the cards so it is advised that you walk into any of the banks you deal with and interact with them on how to get a visa card.

In some banks, you need to have an account with them before you qualify for a card. Others allow you to get your card without opening an account with their bank.

To get a visa card from a bank follow the steps below.

  1. Visit your nearest branch of a bank. Make sure to bring your identification document (such as driver’s license) and proof of address (like a utility bill).
  2. Complete an application form, which should be provided at the branch. 
  3. Pay some for service fees and annual subscription fees. 
  4. Submit your application form and supporting documents to the customer service personnel
  5. Provide your valid ID Card (Ghana Card, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License or Passport)
  6. Wait for approval notice from Visa that will come via email.
  7. Once approved, return to the branch to activate your card.

How to Get Visa Card Using Flutterwave

Flutterwave is a payment system that allows you to send and receive money from others on their platform. Money received on Flutterwave can be withdrawn to your bank account, mobile money, or your card. In the same way, you can receive money through the mentioned mediums.

They have a mobile app from either play store or apple store called Barter. Barter mobile application allows you to request an instant virtual credit card without walking to the bank.

Ecobank Mobile App

Ecobank mobile app uses you to create an Express account which makes it possible to request a virtual card.

We offer two types of cars which include gift cards and shopping cards. With this application, you can get a virtual credit card without walking to any branch of Ecobank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Visa Card

How does a visa card work?

Visa Card operates like cash or a personal cheque and enables cash withdrawals from VISA branded ATMs and facilitates payments for goods and services at VISA branded merchant locations through Point of Sales terminals both in Ghana and abroad. It can also be used on the Internet for online purchases and payments.

What is the difference between debit card and visa card?

Debit and credit cards allow cardholders to withdraw cash and make purchases. Credit cards are debt instruments but debit cards are not. Debit card users can only spend the money available in their bank account unless they have overdraft protection.

What is difference between visa and Mastercard?

The only real difference that stands between Visa and Mastercard is that your card works on the payment network that the company operates. A Visa card won’t work on Mastercard’s network, and vice versa. Ultimately, any other differences in cards come from the specific card you have.


With the above-mentioned methods, you can get your Visa card either from a bank; which will be a physical visa card or from any of the apps. When you get your visa card, it is very important to protect your card number, expiry date, and CCV. This is because anyone with these three things can take your card and use it without your knowledge. Also, your pin numbers to keep it safe since it’s a secret.

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