How To Check Your Unisa Application Status

The opportunity to get admission into one of the prestigious universities in South Africa like UNISA cannot be downplayed.


Applicants who qualify for admission from Unisa get a response from the institution telling them how the application went.

Unisa Application Status

You may have already applied for admission, and you will want to check on its status, accept an admission offer, or challenge the decision since Unisa received thousands of applications yearly and assigns the course you qualify for. You may not be given the preferred course you want and checking ahead of the school reopening date will go a great way to help you out. The Unisa application status shows your current standing in terms of the application process.

Why You Should Check Your Application Status With Unisa Application Status

It is imperative to check your application status with UniSA in order to be able to prepare ahead of time with the necessary things you will need for your studies. If you check your application status, it informs you on the next decision you have to take in your academic life since you will now have the option to decide to enrol for the program you have been given or seek admission elsewhere.

How To Check Unisa Application Status

Follow the steps below to check your Unisa Application status

  • Check to view the 2023 UNISA Application Status website.
  • Enter your personal information here for validation
  • Provide your student ID number
  • Put your surname in the space given.
  • Type your first name or names beneath.
  • choose your birthdate
  • In order to complete your UNISA status for admission in 2023, click the Submit button.

If you experience any difficulties accessing the website, send an email to [email protected]. if the contact information you supplied Unisa, particularly your phone number and email address—is inaccurate, there may be a problem with your application process.

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