Glo Borrow Me Data: How to Borrow Data from Glo in Nigeria

By | April 20, 2023

Using Glo Borrow Me Data helps you to borrow data bundle to browse when you are out of money or airtime to subscribe for data in Nigeria.

The Glo Borrow Me Data gives you the chance to borrow Glo data bundle to browse the web and pay later in Nigeria.

I’ll be talking about a wonderful feature from one of Nigeria’s own telecommunication companies, which is Glo. And, that wonderful feature is Glo Borrow Me Data.

Overtime, the telecommunications industry have become very competitive of each other by providing the best services to their subscribers. The four most common Network Service Providers in the Nigerian telecommunications industry are: MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile (formerly known as Etisalat). 

Each Network Service Provider is trying her best to provide the best of services and comfort to her subscribers. But, in this article, we’ll look at one wonderful feature of the Nigerian-owned telecommunication network, Glo. And the feature is Glo Borrow Me Data.

how to borrow data from glo

Glo Borrow Me Data is that feature that allows its subscribers to borrow data when their data is exhausted. This feature doesn’t allow subscribers to run out of data when they most need it. It allows uses or subscribers to borrow a certain amount of data to continue their internet browsing experience or activity.

This offer known as Glo Borrow Me Data is eligible to only Glo subscribers available in Nigeria. The criteria for eligibility includes:

  • A Registered Glo SIM Card
  • It must be actively in use for at least 3 months.

Once these criteria are met, subscribers can dial *321# to borrow data from Glo. Then, when the menu pops up on the phone screen, follow the options to your choice and you’ll be credited with data to continue your internet surfing.

To qualify for the borrow me credit feature on Globacom your SIM must be up to four months old, your average monthly usage must be above ₦200, and you must be a prepaid customer. Also, you should note that the amount of data you borrowed would be deducted from your next airtime recharge.

Glo Borrow Me Data Prices

50 Naira – you can borrow 30 MB of data for 1 day for this price

100 Naira – it is possible to borrow 60 MB of mobile data from Glo for 1 days at this cost

200 Naira – you can enjoy 200 MB of data for 5 days if you pay this price

500 Naira – it is possible to get 1600 MB of mobile data from Glo network for 7 days

1000 Naira – you can borrow 3200 MB of data for the period of 30 days to enjoy Glo subscription until you extend your data plan

Note you will be charged 15% percent on top of your transaction price for each data borrowing loan.

Today, we’re glad to provide you with the relevant information about how to borrow data from Glo in Nigeria.

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