How To Add Hyperlinks In Google Slides

By | April 21, 2023

In case you are not aware, Hyperlinks can play a vital role in your presentation if you haven’t already been using it. You can point your audience to extra materials, websites, or other slides in your presentation by using hyperlinks in Google Slides.

The method of adding hyperlinks is straightforward and only requires a few easy steps. We’ll walk you through inserting hyperlinks in Google Slides in this article.

How To Add Hyperlinks In Google Slides

Step 1: Open your Google Slides presentation

Open the Google Slides presentation you wish to add the hyperlink to in the first place. Go to your Google Drive and click the + New icon in the upper left corner of the screen to start a new presentation if you haven’t previously. From there, choose Google Slides and either start with a blank presentation or a template.

Step 2: Pick the text or thing you want to link to.

Select the text or item you want to hyperlink once your presentation is open. This could be any element on the slide, such as a word, phrase, picture, or other element.

Step 3: Select Insert from the menu.

Select Insert from the top toolbar’s menu. By doing this, a dropdown menu with many choices will appear.

Step 4: Select Link

Select Link from the dropdown menu by clicking it. The Insert Link dialogue box will then be displayed.

Step 5: Type the URL or destination of the link.

Enter the URL or link destination you want to use as a hyperlink in the Insert Link dialogue box. This may be a hyperlink to a website, a slide in your presentation, or a Google Drive file.

When adding a hyperlink to Google Slides, you have three options to select from:

  • Link to slide: Using this feature, you can make a hyperlink that directs viewers to a particular presentation slide.
  • Link to URL: This produces a hyperlink that displays the referenced web page or resource in a new window or tab.
  • Link to bookmark: By using this, you can make a link that takes you directly to a certain spot inside a web page or document.

Step 6: Click “Apply” or “Done” .

To apply the hyperlink to the chosen text or object, click the Apply or Done button after entering the link destination.

Step 7: Verify the URL.

Click on the text or item you just linked to test the link by clicking on it to make sure it functions properly. If the link is functioning properly, a new tab or window should open.

Step 8: Modify or get rid of the link

Simply click on the linked text or object and hit the Edit button from the Insert Link dialogue box if you need to change or remove the hyperlink. From there, you can modify the link’s destination or get rid of it entirely.

Guidelines for Making Useful Hyperlinks in Google Slides

Verify the relevance of the hyperlink: Only hyperlinks that are pertinent to your presentation and benefit your audience should be added. Don’t merely add links for the sake of adding links.

Instead of using generic text like click here, use descriptive content that explains where the hyperlink will send your viewers. Rather than stating, Click here to learn more, for instance, say, Click here to learn more about our product features.

Examine your links: Make sure to verify each of your hyperlinks to ensure good operation before presenting your slides. Broken links can be annoying and damage your authority.

Avoid overusing hyperlinks, despite the fact that they might be helpful. A presentation with too many hyperlinks may appear cluttered and may divert the audience’s attention from the main point.

Use hyperlink shortcuts: If you need to create multiple hyperlinks quickly, you can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process. For example, press Ctrl+K (Windows) or Command+K (Mac) to open the Insert Link dialog box.

In conclusion, including hyperlinks in your Google Slides presentation can be a helpful method to point your audience to other slides or resources. You may make useful and appealing hyperlinks in your presentation by following the methods indicated above and keeping a few recommended practises in mind.

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