How To Activate Voicemail On MTN in Nigeria

By | April 18, 2023

For many years I have been searching for How To Activate Voicemail On MTN in Nigeria, here is the simple steps you could follow.

Many phone users in Nigeria have just heard about voicemail, but have never used it before or activated it before. In fact, many people think only those abroad are using voicemail— it doesn’t work here in Nigeria. Well, that’s a blunt lie because in this article, ICT Catalogue will instruct you on what voice mail is and how to activate voicemail on MTN.

MTN is the largest telecommunications services with the highest number of subscribers in Nigeria. If you’ve never used the voicemail before— send or receive a voicemail, then this post might be worth your read.

What is Voicemail?

A voicemail is an electronically stored voice message that is left by a caller to be retrieved later by the intended recipient. The recipient can retrieve the stored message through phone, desktop, email and other communications devices, depending on the business phone system the recipient’s company uses.

But in the cause of this article, we’ll be using voicemail for phone by your network provider MTN, So, be sure that when someone cannot reach you that moment, he can leave a voice message for you to come back and check later. Also, if you cannot reach someone, you can leave a voice message for the person to check when he gets the missed call. 

Moving on let’s look at the steps for how to to activate voicemail on your phone.

How to Activate Voicemail on MTN

The voicemail service on MTN is called InstaVoice. InstaVoice is a voicemail service offered by MTN to subscribers available on prepaid plans and postpaid plans. So, subscribers have the ability to receive voice messages from callers in cases where their phone is switched off, not reachable, busy or not answered. As an MTN subscriber, you need no code to subscribe to the voicemail. It has already been automated for you.

Who Can Use MTN Voicemail (InstaVoice)?

Anyone using MTN can use the MTN Voicemail InstaVoice service. If you’re an MTN subscriber, your line is already provisioned on the service, hence, you’ll note be required to send any code to subscribe and you’ll not be charged for using the service.

How to use MTN InstaVoice Voicemail Service.

When “A-party” calls “B-party” who is active on InstaVoice and is not reachable, switched off or out of network coverage, “A-party” will hear the prompt:

“The number you are calling is switched off/busy/not answering. To send an InstaVoice message at regular call charges, please stay on the line, otherwise hang-up now…At the tone record your message.”

At the tone, you will record the message and hang up. The voicemail is sent after the caller hangs up.

Note that’s when you’re making the voicemail, you’ll be charged at the normal call rate of your tariff plan. The voicemail sends immediately you hang up.

Furthermore, if you’re sent a voicemail by someone who is trying to reach you, you can listen to your voicemails by simply dialling 400 from your phone whenever your phone is now available.

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