How Much Does An F-16 Cost?

We have seen fighter jets all the time. Some in movies, in real life and mostly we do see an F-16, especially on special occasions they keep flying over our heads. But have you ever asked; ‘How much does an F-16 cost?

Fighter jets are the most advanced aircraft in the entire world. They got the fastest speeds, the hardest body and windshield and are more expensive.


These aircraft are made purposely for fighting so they are made with the best technology there is. Due to the technologies that come with the manufacturing of these jets, the prices get higher.

What is F-16 Fighter Jet?

The General Dynamic F-16 Fighter Falcon or simply Falcon Fighter or Viper as most people refer to it is a single-engine jet fighter aircraft. The history of the Falcon Fighter aircraft dates as far back as 1976.

It is an advanced high-performance aircraft with weapons on board for fighting wars. This type of fighter jet comes in different variants and each variant comes with its own capabilities.

General Dynamics is the manufacturer of this breathe taking aircraft. Since 1976 till date, over 4,600+ F-16 Falcon Fighters have been manufactured. Some of these jet fighters were manufactured by General Dynamics.

The manufacturing rights were later transferred to Lockheed Corporation which is currently Lockheed Martin.

How Much Does An F-16 Cost?

Over the years, many variants of the F-16 Falcon Fighter have been made. Each of the variants comes with its own price tag. In this section, I will be answering the question; “How much does an F-16 cost?”.

The F-16 (Falcon Fighter Jet) and all its variants will cost somewhere between $12 million to $80 million. Its price completely depends on which variant you want to buy.

There are so many reasons why the jet fighter costs such a price. The materials used in these fighter jets are top notch and so, therefore, make it very expensive after production. It is believed that jet engine for manufacturing F-16s cost a lot more which is the reason why it is so expensive.

You must also know that the engine is not the most important part of the fighter jet. Weapons, safety gears, tech and all those things that make it easier and safer to fly are all part of the cost.

It also costs a lot to maintain these jets. Approximately $10 million is spent on maintenance every year if when you own an F-16.

Falcon Fighter jets are mostly purchased by countries. Civilians can also purchase fighter jets. However, only a number of people can purchase them and it comes with limitations.

All security features and weapon technologies on fighter jets are removed if a civilian wants to buy them. This is to ensure civilians do not own military-grade weapons.z


I will try my possible best to answer any questions you might have about the Falcon Fighter. In case I do not answer your question here, you can leave it in the comment box and I will answer as early as possible.

Can a civilian own an F-16?

Yes! A civilian can own an F-16 or any other fighter jet. However, a special protocol must be followed to demilitarize the fighter jet before selling it to a civilian. This means that there will be no military weapons or systems aboard the fighter jet the civilian will purchase.

How much does it cost to run an F-16?

It is believed that the F-16 Falcon Fighter jet holds approximately 450 gallons of fuel. It also means if you want to run a fighter jet, you will need more than 450 gallons worth of gasoline to run it.

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