Ibrahim Abubakari Jimbah: Happy Birthday To The Founder Of GhanaThings.com

Ibrahim Abubakari Jimbah: Happy Birthday To The Founder Of GhanaThings.com.

Birthday is a special celebration in the life of mankind as today marks another special day in the life of a colleague blogger being the Founding editor of GhanaThings.com as Ghana’s Insightful Social News Hub that delivers more updates on Entertainment in Ghana, gossip, lifestyles and news to average Ghanaians that love reading news over the internet.


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As today marks the special celebration day of this blogger as the founder of popular entertainment blog in Ghana, GhanaThings.com, ICT Catalogue as a tech blog in Ghana took the courage to address average followers and help wish this blogger today as he celebrates his birthday.

Wish From ICT Catalogue as Ghana’s Passionate Tech Journal.

Ibrahim Abubakari Jimbah of GhanaThings.com that is registered as a subsidiary of Things Ghana Limited, as today marks your birthday as you celebrate, there’s nothing that can be compared to a special day in the life of someone as may this special day bring forth all your heart desires as you celebrate and ICT Catalogue and its staffs celebrate with you on this special day.

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Our Birthday Wish From Staffs At ICT Catalogue!

We wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As you advance in years, celebrate with more joy, more life and more money, may you increase in wisdom and receive the blessings of the Lord upon whatever you do as well as the blogging and internet marketing space is concerned.

Happy Birthday, Ibrahim Abubakari Jimbah!

Thanks for reading and we hope you help us share this post in celebration of the birthday party with us.

Ibrahim Abubakari Jimbah: Happy Birthday To The Founder Of GhanaThings.com.


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