Hams Student Portal: How To Register, How To Login And Reset Password

If you have been searching for ways to log into the Hams Student Portal, you are in the proper location. The Hams Portal gives students near real-time online access to data in the Hams school.


In this post, you’ll find information on accessing your Hams Student Portal.

About Hillsborough Academy of Math and Science(HAMS)

Hillsborough Academy of Math and Science is a tuition free public charter school serving the greater Tampa community. HAMS offers kindergarten through middle school an innovative research-based curriculum with an emphasis on excellence in math and science. The coursework is designed to educate students by engaging them in learning experiences that promote creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Hillsborough Academy of Math & Science recognizes that all children are unique; that each learns in a different style and at a different pace. We strive to meet the individual needs of every student through a variety of programs and differentiated instructional techniques designed to prepare the child for success.

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How To Login To Hams Student Portal

Follow the steps below to log in to the Hams Student Portal.

  • click here to access the portal directly.
  • Input your Username followed by the password
  • Then you select your term after inputting your password
  • After providing your ID and password, click Login.

Worth noting: You need to have already created an account on Hams Student Portal to be able to log in to the central Regional Student Portal. 

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