Quick Guidelines For Nigeria Passport Renewal In UAE 2021

This is today’s guide on how to renew your Nigeria passport online in UAE for 2021.

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The best way to renew your Nigerian passport application in UAE and other part of the world is through the Nigeria Immigration Service online passport application portal. An applicant has to fill passport application form and submit online.

There is no manual application form that is accepted at the Nigeria consulate in Abu Dhabi or the Nigeria embassy in Dubai – and all applications must be made online.

In our today’s latest article, I will like to show you the requirements for Nigeria passport renewal in UAE, Nigeria passport renewal fees and how to renew your Nigeria passport online in UAE.

Requirements For Nigeria Passport Renewal in UAE

Before an applicant can start the application for the Nigerian passport renewal in UAE, it is important to be having all the required official documents – to avoid any delay in the issuance of a new passport in UAE.

These are the requirements for Nigeria passport renewal according to the Nigeria Immigration Service portal.

  • Completed online passport renewal application form
  • Payment slip for your passport renewal fee
  • Acknowledgment slip
  • Expired Nigeria passport
  • Photocopy of applicant’s data page of Nigerian passport

Minor applicants are to provide the following documents for the Nigerian Passport Renewal in UAE.

  • Copy of completed online application form
  • Letter of consent duly signed by both parents of the applicant
  • Photocopies of passport data page of both parents of the applicants, one must be a Nigerian passport
  • Proof of payment which must bear the first and last name of the applicant or at least the last name if a family card is used
  • Acknowledgment slip
  • Two recent passport photographs with white background as preferred choice.
  • Letter of approval from state ministry of women and child development or a court order, this options applies only to adopted children.
  • Dubai Tourist Visa
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Price for Nigeria Passport Renewal in UAE 2021

There are a lot of Nigerian applicants in UAE – that are asking how much does it cost to renew Nigeria passport in UAE. These are the prices for all Nigeria passport renewal and this attracts N2000 address validation fee.

32 pages64 pages
Minor (0 to 17 years)$77.00$137.00
Adult (18 to 59 years)$106.00$137.00
Senior (60 and above)$77$137

How To Apply for Nigeria Passport Renewal in UAE 2021

All applicants in the United Arab Emirates can follow the simple steps below to renew your Nigerian passport online.

  • Go to the Nigeria immigration portal and create an account or login to an existing account
  • On the Columns as seen in the image below, select “apply for passport renewal.”
  • Select the type of passport, that is; standard passport or e-passport
  • Click on processing country and select United Arab Emirates
  • Click on start application and fill out the form with the right information, this is shown on the image below;
  • Ensure you make payment with a credit or debit card bearing your name or the name used for the application
  • Submit your application
  • Print your application document and take it to the Nigeria Consulate in Dubai for submission.
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Watch Video Of How TO Renew Your Nigerian Passport Online In UAE

How To Submit Nigeria Passport Renewal Application Documents In UAE

Before your Nigeria passport renewal can be completed for issuance of passport booklet, you will have to provide your documents and the best way to submit these documents is what you may need to know.

All completed application form must be printed along side the payment and acknowledgment slip and presented in person for biometric registration on passport renewal appointment.

This is the address of the Nigeria embassy in Dubai below.

Address: No 642/3 off Arab Gulf Road,
Third street, near Singapore embassy,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +97124431503
Work days: Sunday – Thursday; 9AM – 2PM

This is also the address and contact information of Nigeria consulate general office in Abu Dhabi below.

Opposite consulate general of Singapore
Villa 14 73B street Al Satwa
Dubai, United Arab Emirate
Website : 
Work days: Sunday - Thursday
Time: 9AM - 2PM 

The Importance of Nigerian Passport Renewal in UAE

There are varieties of reasons for renewing your Nigerian passport in Dubai – UAE.

The Nigeria consulate general in Abu Dhabi does not issue a new passport and so all passport renewal must be made through the Nigeria immigration service portal. The Nigeria passport is a necessary tool to get your dubai visa or tourism visa for UAE, before application for Dubai visa or UAE visit visa or tourist visa for UAE, ensure that your Nigeria passport validity is above 6 months, this will help to reduce the stress on Nigeria passport renewal in UAE. The UAE visit visa extension in Dubai and Dubai visa require a good passport validity period.

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When Can I renew my Nigerian Passport Before It Expires?

You can renew your passport before it expires. You are allowed to do so. In fact, it is recommended to renew your Nigerian passport online before the due expiry date.

The Nigeria Immigration Service recommends that you initiate the renewal process between six months and one week to expiration. Nevertheless, you can still renew your passport even if it is still valid for more than six months in Nigeria or any part of the world.

Maybe you will be required to submit a letter of “passport re-issuance” (as part of the accompanying documents), detailing why you want your passport renewed before expiration.

Nigeria is Africa and part of ECOWAS — and that is why every Nigerian is using ECOWAS passport. All applicants who apply for passport online in Nigeria are issued ECOWAS Passport.


  1. How Do I Identify An Authentic Nigerian International Passport?

    Why do you want to authenticate Nigerian passport? Governments agencies and Border control officers have machines to check and validate passports either through the chip on the passport or through the passport number.
    As long as you got the passport from the appropriate issuing authority, you have nothing to worry about. There are no fake Nigerian passport out there.

  2. What font type is used for a Nigerian passport?

    I wouldn't forge a passport, but the font used on the Nigerian passport (excluding the logo, which looks to employ a custom font) is Arial. The capital R's are a dead giveaway.
    The font used for these characters is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR-B).

  3. How To Apply For A Nigerian Passport Renewal In UAE

    The best way to renew your Nigerian passport in UAE is to visit the Nigerian Immigration Service portal, pay for an application fee and start your passport renewal process listed above HERE.

This is how simple and easier it is – to renew your Nigeria passport online in UAE.

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