Great Tips for Using Microsoft Excel 2010 (2021 Guide)

By | October 30, 2021

Now that everything is computerized, people prefer doing everything on their computers, same goes to accounting and charting stuff. Believe it or not, there’s a program for that. Microsoft developed a program called Microsoft Office this program has Microsoft Word where you can write documents and articles, Microsoft Publisher will help you create calling cards and greeting cards faster and easier, Microsoft Access is for database purposes, Microsoft Power Point is for presentations with pictures, texts and sounds, lastly, Microsoft Excel is used for spreadsheet, computations, charts and tally.

You can do almost everything on Microsoft Excel, it can even make your life or computations easier because you will just put the formula on the formula bar and then the computer will do the computation for you.

I would like to give you more information about the top Great Tips for Using Microsoft Excel 2010 (2021 Guide) from ICT Catalogue.

Here are some things that you can do with Microsoft Excel

  1. Budgeting or budget plans. If you know the formula then everything will be easy for you because you will just input the details and then Excel will do the computation and budgeting for you.
  2. Charts and pies. Excel is not just about charts and computations. You can actually create pies for your report. Just let Excel sort and create charts or pies. You can even make a calendar with Microsoft Excel.
  3. Accounting. Set aside those books and notebooks full of computations and formulas because Microsoft Excel can help you with that, you won’t even need a calculator.
  4. Plans or lists. You can just organize everything with Excel. List them, sort them and save. Simple as that

Microsoft Excel is easy to use, especially if you know the formulas. Here are some formulas that you can apply (these are just the basic formulas, you can search the internet for more formulas)

Before we start here are some things that you should know about Excel. Horizontal lines are called column while the vertical lines are called rows. You can identify columns by alphabets which are on the top. You can identify rows by numbers which are on the left side of the screen. So if you will create a formula you will input the column and row name (example A1, B1, C1)


= Equals, + Addition, – Subtraction, * Multiplication, / Division, ^ Roots and Power, % Percentage

  1. Formula for average. Type “=AVERAGE(column and row names)”
  2. Formula for finding the sum. Type “=SUM(column and row name)”

Here are some functions:

  • AVERAGE() to find the average
  • MAX() largest value in the list or selection
  • MIN() Smallest number in the selection
  • FALSE zero
  • TRUE one
  • SUM addition
  • PRODUCT for multiplication

If you know all the formulas and function, then navigation of Microsoft Excel will be easier and faster for you, but don’t worry because the formulas are also available online.

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