GOtv Lite Channels List and Price in Ghana

By | October 2, 2021

In this post, we will look at all the channels on the GOtv Lite plan and their prices in Ghana. The GOtv Lite plan has three different kinds of subscriptions based on the period you want to buy. They have GOtv Lite Monthly, GOtv Lite Quarterly, and GOtv Lite Annual.

This plan excludes some news, kids, and sports tv channels from the list such as BBC World News, SuperSports Select 2, and Nickelodeon.  Below is the list of all channels on the Lite plan.

GOTv Lite Package Channels List

  1. Africa Magic Hausa
  2. Africa Magic Epic
  3. E! Entertainment Television
  4. Startimes
  5. Go Channel
  6. Iroko Music
  7. Eva+
  8. Fox Life
  9. M4 Movies
  10. Real Time
  11. ID (Investigation Discovery)
  12. Discovery Family
  13. NAT GEO Wild
  14. SuperSport Blitz
  15. Aljazeera
  16. Joy Prime
  17. JIMJAM
  18. UTV
  19. Afro Music POP
  20. ADOM TV
  21. CitiTV
  23. Metro TV
  24. TV Ghana
  25. TV Africa
  26. Fiesta GH
  27. GHONE TV
  28. TV3
  29. GTV
  30. Net 2
  31. E Africa
  33. Faith
  34. Islam Channel

The Price of GOTv Lite Package

The price of GOTv Lite package has three different subscription packages, we have the monthly plan which costs GHS18 per month, the quarterly which costs GHS 37 per three months, and the annual plan which also costs GHS 85 per year.

This is so far the cheapest plan among the three other plans (Max, Plus, and Value).

How to Subscribe to GOTv Value Package Through MTN Mobile Money

If you are an MTN subscriber, follow the steps provided below to pay your GOTv subscription.

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Choose option 2. MoMoPay & Pay Bill
  3. Select 2. Pay Bill
  4. Select 2. TV & Entertainment
  5. Select 1. DStv / GOtv
  6. Enter your IUC Number
  7. Enter reference (something descriptive like gotvJan21)
  8. Enter the amount
  9. Enter your MoMo PIN to confirm.
  10.  You will receive a message that confirms that you have successfully paid.

How to Subscribe to GOTv Lite Package Using VCash

If you are a Vodafone subscriber, then you have to follow the steps below to buy your GOTv plan using Vodafone Cash.

  1. Dial *110#
  2. Choose option 4 Make payment
  3. Select 1 Pay Bill
  4. Select 3. Utilities
  5. Select 4. GOtv
  6. Enter your UIC number
  7. Enter reference
  8. Enter the amount
  9. Enter your PIN to confirm.

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