How To Get A Driver’s License In Ghana

Today’s post is solely about How to get a driver’s license in Ghana.

In Ghana today, getting a new-valid driver’s license or renewing a driver’s license can be difficult sometimes and waste a lot of time if you are not able to find someone to assist you, however finding someone to assist you also comes with its problems sometimes.


It’s either you be on the safer side or you are ended being scammed for getting a new driver’s license in Ghana.

In today’s post, I will like to walk you through how best you can apply for a valid driver’s license in Ghana with instructions from a concerned website in Ghana.

Problems associated with Involving Someone In Getting Driver’s License In Ghana

  • Getting fake driver’s license
  • Not getting the License at all

To be able to do away with all these issues/problems has provided a very secured  online platform for listing the profiles of Handymen, Service providers, and also job seekers on a digital platform which makes sure to authenticate every profile listed on it, this means you can be guaranteed of valid and quality job if you  contract any worker on  to take care of your task or job for you.

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Workers Conduct on

ByDayJob Team confirms that the working conducts of the workers can be guaranteed.

Below Is What The Team Said;

“We make sure we authenticate and educate workers who joins and let them understand how important a client is, and we also educate them on how well they can serve clients. However, if a worker misconducts his or her self towards a client, we make sure to apply the appropriate sanctions to the worker and sometimes deleting the worker from the trusted digital platform “

How To Use

  1. Visit with any web browser either on your phone or computer.
  2. You will find various categories on the homepage, just click on the one relating to the worker you are looking for, example (You need to look through and click on “License Assistant” category if you are looking for the services of a “License Assistant”).
  3. After choosing the category of your choice you will then be taken to a new page with lists of profiles of workers belonging to a“License Assistant” category, now you can go through the profiles of these workers and click on one you would want Hire/employ.
  4. When you click on a worker you prefer to hire, their profile page will open and you can then find a (CallMe) button on their profile, click on this (CallMe) button to view the phone number of the worker and contact him/her.
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In order to receive a great attention from the worker when you call, you can start by saying this (Hi My name is …………… and I saw your profile on ByDayJob)

The innovation of making it easy and possible for people to find Service providers and other workers like, Painters, Electricians, Drivers, Plumbers, Delivery Service, Photographers and many more on a digital platform is really in the right direction and needs to be commended.

Well I guess now that you are well informed, the next time you or any one you know needs the services of any worker the right place to visit will be

this post is about How To Get A Driver’s License In Ghana and we have several articles about how to apply for driver’s license online and how to renew your Driver’s license online in Ghana.

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ALSO READ:  How To Register For DVLA Online In Ghana

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