How To Follow Ghana’s Election News Online 2020

By | December 3, 2020

There are several ways you can follow election news online in Ghana, but today’s post gives you accurate ways you need to follow to keep updated on election in Ghana for 2020.

Using the internet to follow Election News in Ghana is now easier and simple task to do, with the application of modern technologies.

Ghanaians will soon go to the poll to cast their vote for the right person to rule our constituencies and the entire nation for the next four years, of which Televisions and Radio stations in Ghana will make reports from journalists on fields.

Gone are the days where we only listen to radio broadcast and watch TV broadcast. For now, technology has changed everything and you can sit from the comfort of your room and follow the election 2020 in Ghana online.

Election coverage can be streamed from all radio stations that have websites or stream their programs live on Facebook or YouTube — and you only need a mobile phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection to livestream election 2020 in Ghana.

Election 2020 Update From President Akufo-Addo

In today’s post, I will guide you through some of the ways on how to use the application of the internet to follow election news in Ghana 2020.

Subscribe To Live Facebook and YouTube channels

With this, you may need to subscribe to the Facebook and YouTube channels of all the top news channels in Ghana, follow and livestream election 2020.

Today, most radio stations in Ghana have their programs on their Facebook and YouTube livestreaming. You can also listen to radio stations online in Ghana via either your mobile phone or computer with an internet connection.

You just need to subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook to receive notifications when there is live broadcast ongoing.

Check The Website of the Renowned News Companies Continuously

Despite following news companies on YouTube and social media, you can also read news from their official websites. There are varieties of news websites you can read Ghana’s news headlines from — for everyday updates.

Though we tend to read news and headlines from more websites in Ghana, we should only read and follow news from major media and news publishing companies in Ghana — for trustworthy news about election 2020.

Download the Mobile App of your preferred news channel

More news publishing companies in Ghana have mobile apps for their readers to follow and download to read news via mobile phones and tablets.

You might not have time to follow your news reporting company in Ghana but the only thing you ought to do is to download the mobile app of any of the major news company from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Just search for the name of your preferred news company from Google Play Store or App Store. Download and install the app and allow the app to send you notifications — to be receiving everyday news stories published.
Some of the news apps also have livestreaming features for their followers, without visiting YouTube channel or Facebook livestream page.

Use fact-checking tools to check news originality

You need to use fact-checking tools to check whether the news is true or false — from its source.

Online news reports can be checked well using online fact-checking tools to confirm.

There are various online tools for checking news originality and some of these are; Google fact check, Reverse image checker, Ghana Fact. Dubawa Ghana. Snopes etc.

There are a lot and we hope these fact checking tools given above can help know or determine the originality of news stories shared across the internet.

At the end, let’s us all vote peacefully and encourage others to go home after voting for their choice of candidate. You need to only visit the Polling centre when the time is due to do Voting counting and mention the results.

Cast your vote in peace and remember we have only one Ghana and you being the one person Ghana loves.

We seek peace, pray for peace and stand for peaceful moments throughout election 2020 and thereafter.

Before wearing a mask, wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer. Together let’s stay safe.

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