Easy Tips To Win More Fights on Warzone 2

By | April 20, 2023

The Easy Tips to Win More Fights on Warzone 2 is one of the best options you can choose since games have many advantages in the life of human, but knowing how to play a game should be what you need now.

If you want to win more fights in Warzone 2, you need to get your hands on powerful equipment like UAVs, 3-plate Armor Vests, grenades, guns, etc. Besides game knowledge, bringing at least two or more items can be your best bet while engaging in enemy confrontations in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 is addictive, thrilling, and competitive at the same time. So, winning can be quite difficult, especially for beginners. But in this piece, you’ll find easy tips to make money, unlock powerful weapons, and eliminate enemies quickly. If you think you may not survive in the game, consider these 100% undetected Warzone 2 cheats to make things easier.

Warzone 2 Tips to Win More Fights

Nevertheless, check out these easy tips for more victory over the enemies in Warzone 2.

Land, make money fast, and purchase equipment

Al Mazrah is the most popular and massive map in Call of Duty Warzone 2. All players on both teams will land in their preferred locations on the map. Once you drop, focus more on making money than engaging in combat. 

Your primary equipment may not be powerful enough to keep you throughout one or more matches. But once you have a handsome amount of money, you can upgrade, unlock, and purchase some top-tier weapons.

To make money faster, complete contracts like cracking a safe at the Safecracker Contract, unbox various boxes, and look out for stacks of money. Now you’ve made money, visit the weapon shop and grab some vital equipment like UAVs, a 3-Plate Armor Vest, grenades, and lots more. 

You can use the UAVs to spot the enemies’ location and surprise them with some grenades while the armor vest protects you from shots.

Monitor and heal ASAP

Winning more fights simply means surviving in more combats. While the armor vest may not keep you alive forever in Warzone 2, look out for health supplies and always heal your injuries once hit. Keep an eye on your health and notice how quickly it depletes because of your injury.
Search in medicine cabinets, bags, and first aid kits for med supplies like bandages, IFAKs (individual first aid kits), etc. The most interesting fact about Warzone 2 is that it puts several items in reasonable places across the map.

So, if you search medical centers, bathrooms, and hospitals, you’ll find some health supplies to keep you alive throughout combats.

Optimize The Essentials

A perfect setting can guarantee more wins in Warzone 2. Sound, visuals, controls, and user-friendly interface are vital contributors to every gameplay’s success. With sound, you can hear nearby enemies, gunfire, explosions, and even footsteps. It helps you prepare for what’s coming.

With a perfect visual setting, you can view more of your environment, helping you find loot and incoming enemies. User interface and control buttons can be your best bet while engaging in combats.
With easy-to-reach custom buttons, you can direct your in-game character and still give shots without moving your finger away from the joystick or gamepad. Also, you can try different sensitivity settings to find the best match for your play style.

Be versatile with weapons

Guns, grenades, claymore, and knives are some common weapons players use in Warzone 2. There are so many others that you can try. Some of the best guns you should master are RPK, M4, Signal 50, TAQ-56, RAAL MG, and Lachmann Sub. If you have a basic knowledge of these weapons, you can identify the most comfortable one for your play style.

Don’t stick to one weapon. Try as many as you can to master them. This can guarantee victory in most of your Warzone 2 combats. One tip to remember about using guns is never reload while in a fight. Swapping weapons instead of reloading is advisable because the enemy can take advantage while you reload your ammunition.

Stick together and share

Winning more fights in Warzone 2 is easier together than alone. Even if you prefer to play alone, having a team of two or three players can be a game-changer. Furthermore, as a team, always keep in touch with each other. 

Share intels, enemy locations, loot locations, and lots more. This will give you a fun-filled experience at the end of the game.


As a battle royale and an FPS game, players’ objective in Warzone 2 is to loot, frag out opponents, and be the last man standing after the cooldown period. For this, winning can be quite difficult. But the tips mentioned above will make victory easier.

Once you drop, make money and purchase powerful equipment. Also, monitor your health and collect as many health supplies as possible. Optimize your sound, visuals, controls, and user interface to enjoy lag-free gameplay.

More importantly, be versatile with weapons, play as a team, and always communicate.

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