Cordless microphone price in Ghana

Cordless microphone price in Ghana

Nowadays, technology has really improved and it is introducing new things each and every day, the introduction of the wireless microphone was made in this 21st century and it is really helping individuals who are consuming the amazing product.

This wireless microphone is being used by many churches, schools, events, companies, and many more other people in Ghana, we do not even usually see the microphone with a connected wire anymore after the wireless came into the system.

Have you ever wondered how much these wireless/cordless microphones will cost in Ghana? Well, I may be wondering as well but in this article, we look at the prices of some of the cordless microphones in the Ghanaian cedis.

Buying a wireless microphone may not cost that much but as we are in the 21st century, some certain types may rise to it higher level.

The DUAL Cordless Microphone system may cost GHC350 whiles the Rode Nt2a Microphone used in studios also costs GHC1,200.

Buying a Shure Cordless Microphone with its amp in Ghana cost GHC700

The SKM 9000 Wireless Microphone also costs GHC1200 in Ghana.

There are so many wireless microphones in the market but if you are actually looking for a better wireless microphone to buy in Ghana, the price ranges from GHC500 and GHC2000

There are also other proper and genuine wireless microphones that can be bought at a very lower price in Ghana

Shure GLXD4 Microphone in Dansoman - Audio & Music Equipment, Sir Gabby |
Cordless microphone price in Ghana

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