Check Out The List Of Loans For Unemployed People in Ghana

Check Out The List Of Loans For Unemployed People in Ghana – This article will talk about loans that you can access as an unemployed person in Ghana.

In this article, the details of these loans will be discussed and these details will be about the providers of the loan, the duration of the loan, and whether you will need guarantors before the loan can be accessed or not.

So if you are looking forward to learning about loans for unemployed people in Ghana, then this article is a great fit for you, and you will greatly enjoy it.

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About Loans for Unemployed People in Ghana

When we say loans for the unemployed in Ghana, it means that these loans can be accessed by everybody, including people who can be classified as unemployed.

Normally, you are to prove that you are employed before you can be given a loan by a financial institution, and these come with major constraints. For the unemployed, this can be quite a daunting task and it will mean that he or cannot get the loan. It can also be that he or she will have to forge details and documents just to get the loan.

List Of Loans For Unemployed People in Ghana

This section of the article will let you know the list of loans that a person who can be considered unemployed can be accessed in Ghana. Check the details below;

Vodafone Cash Loan – This loan is provided by Vodafone. The only requirement for this loan is that you must be a Vodafone customer who uses his or her Vodafone Cash account. Bear in mind that if your Vodafone Cash account is not active, there is no way you can be eligible for this loan. After you have been given the loan, you will have to pay back the loan in 30 days with interest. The interest is dependent on the amount that you took as a loan. You do not need any guarantor for this loan.

AirtelTigo Money Loan – This loan is also made possible by AirtelTigo. Just like the Vodafone Cash loan, you must be an active mobile money user on AirtelTigo. Once you take this loan, you must know that you have to pay it back in thirty (30) days’ time, and you do not need any guarantor for this loan.

Fido Money Lending – This is the only loan for unemployed people in Ghana that is not provided by any Telecommunication company. With this, all you have to do is to download the Fido Money Lending app, register with your Ghana Card and you are good to go. You must bear in mind that you will need to provide some guarantors before you will be given the loan.

MTN Mobile Money Loan – This is the loan provided for customers of MTN by MTN. The loan comes in three types – MTN Xpress Loan, MTN Qwikloan, and MTN Ahomka Loan. This loan is also payable in 30 days and you do not need any guarantor before you can access this loan.

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